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A Bearish Short-Term View for Gold

A look at the charts suggests gold is headed lower in the short term, with one important caveat.

By Mohammed Isah of

The recent price action in gold futures has reinforced our short-term bearish outlook.

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Gold's failure at the 1,125 level, its Feb. 3 high, and its subsequent declines through its swing low at 1,074.55 and its Dec. 22 low/longer-term rising trend line at 1,070.06 has put it in a short-term downward trend. This increases downside risk toward 1,030.85 and 1,026.55, the March 8, 2008 high and Oct. 28, 2009 low, respectively.

Those levels should provide support on initial tests and turn the commodity higher. Below those levels, the next downside objective lies at 986.67, the October low.

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The weekly relative strength index and stochastics are bearish and pointing lower, suggesting further downside.

That said, there is reason for caution for those looking to make bearish bets. The daily chart reveals a rejection candle, which is a bottom reversal signal, at the end of Friday's session.

If this triggers a recovery, we could see gold push higher toward 1,074.55, the Dec. 22 low, and 1,070.06, where its longer-term rising trend line is located. A combination of these levels should put the commodity under pressure and turn it lower again. Further out, resistance levels are located at 1,125, the Feb. 3 high, and 1,148.48, the Jan. 20 high.

In conclusion, gold retains its short-term bearish trend, having taken out strong support levels this week. However, a corrective recovery may be shaping up.

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