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NEW YORK (TheStreet) --During Wednesday afternoon's CNBC "Fast Money Halftime Report" CIO of Short Hills Capital Partners Stephen Weiss presented the panel with a hypothetical situation regarding the biotech and retail sectors, which sparked further debate.

The scenario he presented was that if he removed the tickers from both retail and biotech stocks and proceeded to ask which was which to someone with no prior knowledge of this experiment, they would say the biotech stocks were the retail stocks.

Behind his thesis is that retailers have had gains of upwards of 10% and the host of today's show, Michelle Lee, asked the other panelists if they agreed with Weiss' thesis.

"Just look at Best Buy (BBY) at 20%, who would have picked that? It's feast or famine for retail and that's why I'm in Chicos (CHS). The calls, not stocks because I want less risk, but I want the exposure to the big pop," co-founder of Najarian Family and Advisors Office Jon Najarian said. 

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In light of his social experiment, Weiss was asked if he would advise investors to steer clear of retail.

"No it's just that I don't want to be there where there're heavy opinions one way or the other, and where the expectations are just crazy," Weiss explained.