NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Mixed results in the automotive industry's latest round of quarterly earnings has left some investors wanting more, despite a slight upward trend for the year.

Kelley Blue Book's Senior Director Karl Brauer believes there are an equal number of strengths and weaknesses in the auto market.

"I think 'eh' pretty much is the technical term you'd want to use here ... We aren't seeing excessive inventory. We aren't seeing excessive incentives. We aren't seeing sales fall off a cliff, we're just kind of seeing them settle in at around 17.4 million," Brauer said on CNBC's "Power Lunch."

Sales numbers in the mid-17 millions is very high, as Brauer noted that that only a few years ago both companies and investors alike would have been ecstatic about that number.

"If we settle in around mid-17s and can hold here for any length of time, these car companies are still making a lot of money at that level," Brauer stated.

Fears of a recession, and the possible impact upon auto corporations, are less than any point before in U.S. markets. Brauer thinks that the industry is well positioned if there was to be a recession.

"But I don't think they'd really hit a brick wall and we'd see terrible numbers like we did in the past. I think they can actually manage it much better than usual," Brauer added.