A flight from hell is landing a Florida man in prison for two years.

Joseph Hudek IV, 24, was sentenced by a Seattle judge to two years in prison after he pleaded guilty to three counts of assault on an aircraft and one count of interfering with a flight-crew member. 

Hudek reportedly consumed edible marijuana before a flight from Seattle to Beijing in July last year, which he claimed prompted him to attempt to open an exit door once the Delta Air Lines (DAL) flight was in the air. 

Hudek punched a flight attendant and hit another passenger with a wine bottle after the cannabis began to make him "feel dramatically different."

A flight attendant then reportedly hit Hudek with two wine bottles, which prompted him to shout "Do you know who I am? or words to that effect," according to a complaint filed by the FBI.

The other passenger who was struck with the wine bottle reportedly suffered permanent damage to one of his eyes and a brain injury that has impaired his ability to read and write.