An Aug. 30 article, Wednesday's Early Winners & Losers, incorrectly said that Sigma Designs' (SIGM) second-quarter revenue rose 36% from a year earlier. In fact, the company's revenue rose 153% year over year. regrets the error. (Corrected Aug. 30)

An Aug. 18 story,

Harrah's Winning Hand, incorrectly state that the poker rooms at


(HET) casinos in Las Vegas lag those at Atlantic City's Borgata in terms of usage. In fact, the poker rooms lag

MGM Mirage's

(MGM) Bellagio casino.


regrets the error.

(Corrected. Aug. 18)

An Aug. 16 article,

Tame Inflation Spurs Bulls, incorrectly stated that industrial production rose 2% in July. In fact, industrial production increased 0.4% last month. The article also stated that capacity utilization was 88.2% in July. Capacity utilization actually rose to 82.4% last month from 82.3% in June.

regrets the errors. (

Corrected Aug. 16


An Aug. 14 article,

Monday's Tech Winners & Losers, incorrectly stated that


(NOIZ) earned $320 million in the quarter ended June 30, 2005. Micronetics earned $319,699 in the quarter.

regrets the error. (

Corrected Aug. 15


An Aug. 11 article,

EMC Becomes 'Virtual' Target, misnamed VMware's high-end virtualization product. The correct name is the ESX. The story also incorrectly referred to a start-up virtualization rival as Xen Software. In fact, the company's name is



regrets the errors.

(Corrected Aug. 11


An Aug. 4 article,

HCC to Buy Unit of Allianz Life, incorrectly stated that

HCC Insurance Holdings

(HCC) agreed to acquire the assets of Allianz Life Insurance. In fact, HCC agreed to buy the assets of the health products division of Allianz Life Insurance of North America.

regrets the error. (

Corrected Aug. 4


An Aug. 3 story,

European Rate Hikes Hit Gold, incorrectly reported that gold miners reduced their gold-hedging programs by 43 million ounces (1,300 tons) in the second quarter. In fact, gold miners reduced their hedging programs


43 million ounces in the quarter.

regrets the error. (

Corrected Aug. 3


An Aug. 1 story,

Realogy Faces Its First Test, incorrectly reported that


(H) plans to spend $200 million to $300 million on acquisitions. In fact, the company expects to buy new brokerages with a value of about $200 million to $300 million of gross commission income.

regrets the error.

(Corrected Aug. 2)