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Aug. 2-8

Correcting our mistakes for the week.
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An Aug. 5 Bond Focus,

Treasuries Dare to Dream That Fed Won't Hike Rates, incorrectly stated that in an interest-rate swap, the floating rate starts at the same level as the fixed rate. The floating-rate side of a swap is generally Libor, the London Interbank Offered Rate, which at the outset of a swap is lower than the fixed rate. (

corrected Aug. 6


An Aug. 6 story,

Ameritrade's Bond Issue Meets With Lukewarm Demand, erroneously said that

Ameritrade Holdings

(AMTD:Nasdaq) planned to sell 10 million shares in a secondary offering. In fact, Ameritrade planned to sell 8.5 million shares in that offering. (

corrected Aug. 6


An Aug. 5 Under the Hood column,

Van Wagoner, Riding High, Waits Out the Tech Turmoil, incorrectly said that

Priority Healthcare

(PHCC:Nasdaq) was a current favorite stock of fund manager Garrett Van Wagoner. In fact, he likes

Province Healthcare

(PRHC:Nasdaq). (

corrected Aug. 5


The Aug. 3 Market Roundup,

Market Players See Light at End of Darkening Tunnel, incorrectly said the

Mexican Stock Exchange IPC Index

dropped 71.32, or 1.4%, to 5178.09. The index rose 71.32, or 1.4%, to 5178.09. (

corrected Aug. 4


The Company Report section of the July 30 Market Roundup,

Data and Doldrums Combine to Smother Stocks, incorrectly said

Lam Research

(LRCX:Nasdaq) rose 1/16 to 10 3/16. That quote was for

Latin American Investment Fund

(LAM:NYSE). Lam Research rose 9 to 55 3/8. (

corrected Aug. 4


An Aug. 3 story,

Some Dot-Coms Get Trampled in IPO Stampede, mistakenly reported that


(YHOO:Nasdaq) stock dropped 33.2% since April 5. In fact, it dropped 42.9%. (

corrected Aug. 4


An Aug. 4 story,

At Robbie Tech Conference, Net Investors Smell Smoke, misspelled the name of New York-based hedge fund manager Jeffrey Diecidue. (

corrected Aug. 4


The Aug. 3 Jim Seymour column,

Don't Yell 'Yahoo!' Quite Yet, mistakenly reported that

Time Warner

(TWX:NYSE) is a big holder of


(ATHM:Nasdaq) shares. The column also misstated which Excite@Home executive discounted reports of the merger: It was President George Bell, not CEO Tom Jermoluk. (

corrected Aug. 3


The Wake-Up Watchlist section of the Aug. 2 Wake Up-Call,

Stocks Brace for Rough Morning; the Midday Watchlist section of the Aug. 2 Midday Musings,

Gains Moderate but Stay in Place as Fed Picture Clears a Bit; the Aug. 2

Got a Minute?; the Company Report section of the Aug. 2 Market Roundup,

How Do You Spell 'Real Rally'? Market Stumped in Spelling Bee; and the Aug. 2 TaskMaster column,

Would You Buy a Used Car From This Man?, incorrectly reported based on an incomplete company press release that


(AN:NYSE) second-quarter earnings from continuing operations of 21 cents a share fell short of the

First Call

estimate of 27 cents. Earnings of 6 cents a share from certain discontinued operations were meant to be considered along with the earnings from continuing operations, meaning AutoNation reported earnings of 27 cents, in line with expectations. (

corrected Aug. 2


An Aug. 2 Silicon Babylon column,

Thom Weisel, the Man Behind the Man in the Yellow Jersey, incorrectly said Thomas Weisel established

Montgomery Sports

, a division of

Montgomery Securities

, in 1999. It was established in 1989. (

corrected Aug. 2


A July 27 Tech Savvy column,

Opportunity Ahead: Donning the Red Hat, Part 2, incorrectly stated that


(YHOO:Nasdaq) is running its servers on


. The column should have said that Yahoo! uses

Free BSD Unix

. The erroneous statement has been deleted from the story. (

corrected Aug. 2


An Aug. 2 James J. Cramer column,

Repositioning Time, incorrectly said that Cramer was buying bonds at 87 6/32. In fact, he was buying at 87 20/32. (

corrected Aug. 2