AT&T (T) - Get Report is planning to hand walking papers to employees in at least 10 operations centers around the country, according to a report by Vice's Motherboard.

The reported cuts come as AT&T puts the final wraps on its $85 billion merger with Time Warner, with such corporate combinations often spawning efforts to cut costs and eliminate redundancies.

AT&T eliminated 10,700 union jobs over the past year, the Communications Workers of America said in a newly released report.

AT&T shares closed 3.4% lower at $30.22 in trading Wednesday on the New York Stock Exchange. The shares had gained from $28.35 on Dec. 31 to $30.77 on Tuesday.

AT&T will be cutting employees in states across the country, with a focus on operations in New York, California, Texas, New Jersey, Washington, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, and Washington D.C., according to Motherboard, citing company documents leaked by an unnamed employee.

In a statement released to news outlets, AT&T said, "in cases where we do have to adjust our workforce, we take steps to lessen the effect on employees."

The company, in its statement, went on to say it had hired more than 20,000 employees last year and 17,000 the year before.

"We are hiring to meet the needs of the growth areas for our business," AT&T said.