April 3-9

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The April 4 Herb on TheStreet column,

How 1-800 Contacts Says It Violates the Law, incorrectly reported that

1-800 Contacts

(CTAC:Nasdaq) issued stock last year. In fact, while the company did file a prospectus for a stock offering, the offering never took place. (

corrected April 7


An April 6 story,

The Anglo File: It's Time for U.K. Investors to Get Choosy, incorrectly reported that



Baltimore Technologies

joined the

FTSE 100

index in December. In fact, Psion and Baltimore joined last month. (

corrected April 7


An April 6 Nothing but Net story,

Tech, Net Takeoff Propels Markets to Green Finish, misstated the name of the person who replaced Holly Becker as retail analyst at

Salomon Smith Barney

. She is Gretchen Teagarden, not Rachel Teagarden. The same item also mistakenly reported that Teagarden had started coverage of




(EBAY:Nasdaq) and


(PCLN:Nasdaq). The analyst who covers those stocks, and who wrote the quoted report, is Tim Albright, not Teagarden. (

corrected April 7


An April 4 story,

They're Talking Real Money Here: Margin Calls and Requirements Surge, incorrectly reported the method behind determining margin calls as a percentage of the amount the broker has put up. In fact, margin calls are based on a percentage of equity to market value. (

corrected April 4


An April 5

James J. Cramer


When a System Works, failed to disclose that his hedge fund held long positions in


(INTC:Nasdaq) and


(CSCO:Nasdaq) at the time of publication.

corrected April 5

An April 3 story,

Aurora Foods Names New CEO, incorrectly stated that

Aurora Foods

(AOR:NYSE) makes Aunt Jemima syrup. In fact, Aurora makes Aunt Jemima frozen foods, not syrup.

(corrected April 5)

An April 3 story,

After-Hours Trading -- Not Yet Ready for Prime Time, incorrectly reported that


(EGRP:Nasdaq) owns the


electronic stock-trading network. In fact,


(RTRSY:Nasdaq) owns Instinet, and E*Trade uses the ECN to execute its trades. (

corrected April 3


The March 30 Evening Update,

Intel Faces $600 Million Decrease in Tax Provision, mistakenly reported that


(INTC:Nasdaq) expects to beat analysts' consensus estimate that the company will earn 69 cents a share for its first quarter. In fact, Intel made no such claim. (

corrected April 3