April 12-18

TSC corrects its mistakes for the week.
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Due to an editing error, the April 16 story

Net Retailers Chart New Course of Cutting Shipping Fees incorrectly said Onsale's first-quarter revenue rose 7% from the same quarter in 1998. Onsale's revenue actually rose 68% on year. (

corrected April 16


The April 15 Evening Update,

Sun Microsystems Comes In a Penny Ahead of Expectations, reported that third-quarter earnings of 71 cents a share were postsplit. In fact, the earnings were presplit. (

corrected April 16


The April 14 evening Bond Focus,

Treasuries Washed Out as Corporate Tap Gushes, misstated the term of some notes priced by

Freddie Mac


. They are five-year, not 10-year, notes. (

corrected April 15


The April 14 Tax Forum,

Are Education Expenses Deductible?, incorrectly reported that taxpayers could avoid filing Form 1116 if their foreign income does not exceed $600 for married couples filing jointly or $300 for single filers. The story should have said that those dollar limitations apply to total foreign taxes paid, not to income.

(corrected April 14)

The April 14 Market Roundup,

Tech Sells Off as Blue-Chips Cling to Meager Gains , misspelled the name of the CEO of

Gotham Capital Management

. He is Ronny Kraft, not Ronny Craft. (

corrected April 14


An April 14 story,

Shorts Find Themselves Knee-Deep as Biomatrix Prospers, mistakenly reported that

BancBoston Robertson Stephens

has acted as an underwriter for



. In fact, it has not.

(corrected April 14)

An April 14 market feature,

Return to Cendant: Things Fall Apart, mistakenly reported that



had canceled its plan to acquire

Providian Financial


. In fact, Cendant canceled plans to buy

Providian Home & Auto Insurance


(corrected April 14)

An April 13 Bond Focus,

Corporate Supply Pushes Treasuries Out of the Way, mistakenly reported that the

Associates Corp. of North America

unit of

Associates First


priced its $1.5 billion bond offering that day. In fact, the offering was priced April 14.

(corrected April 14)

An April 12 Tech Stock Update,

Safety Net: Internet's Gains Cushion PC Sector's Fall, incorrectly said that

Winfield Capital


had bought $11 million in stock in



. Winfield Capital actually purchased $516,236 in common stock of Modacad. (

corrected April 13


The April 13 Wake-Up Call,

Done With Compaq. Bring on Intel., misstated the

First Call

consensus estimate for


(INTC) - Get Report

first-quarter earnings. It is 55 cents a share, not $1.10. (

corrected April 13


An April 9 story,

Notebook: More Than Meets the Eye in Pharmaceuticals' Tidy Growth, incorrectly stated that it would take a quarterly


sales rate of $100 million, yielding $25 million to


(ORG) - Get Report

, for the biotech to be profitable. In fact, it would take an annual sales rate of $100 million. (

corrected April 12


An April 12 Herb Greenberg column,

One Money Manager's Favorite Stocks for a Dow 10,000 or 2000 World , gave the wrong April 9 closing price for

Silicon Graphics


. It was 12 1/2, not 21 1/2. (

corrected April 12


An April 12 Tech Stock Update,

broadcast.com Beats Estimates, incorrectly said that




First Call

estimates by a penny with a first-quarter loss of 11 cents a share. To compare with First Call's figure, the story should have reported the loss as 9 cents a share, which excludes an acquisitions-related charge.

(corrected April 12)