The April 13 Tax Forum,

Does My Exchange Student Qualify as a Tax Deduction?, incorrectly characterized the 1040-PC as a tax form created by




and other tax-preparation software packages. In fact, it is a condensed version of

Form 1040

-- U.S. Individual Income Tax Return

created in a format that can be scanned and read by a computer.

(corrected April 13)

An April 13 Adam Lashinsky column,

A Strange Pas de Deux on Prospects for Microsoft and PCs, mistakenly reported

Goldman Sachs

analyst Rick Sherlund cut his earnings estimate on


(MSFT:Nasdaq). Sherlund cut revenue estimates while saying any decrease in earnings would likely be offset by an increase in investment income. (

corrected April 13


The April 12 Midday Movers,

Ben & Jerry's, Pechiney and American Freightways, the April 12 Company Report,

Ben & Jerry's, Compuware, Palm and Fannie Mae, and the April 12

first-quarter earnings compilation incorrectly included a fourth-quarter earnings report for

Express Scripts

(ESRX:Nasdaq). The report originally came out in February but was mistakenly reissued April 12 by

PR Newswire

. (

corrected April 13


An April 11 Herb on TheStreet column,

Pokemon, Pokemon, Where Art Thou Pokemon?, incorrectly reported that

4 Kids Entertainment

(KIDE:Nasdaq) traded at 21 1/2 when it was first mentioned in May 1999 column. In fact, the stock traded at a split-adjusted 10 3/4. (

corrected April 12


An April 10 market feature,

Momentum's Dead ... Yeah, Like Freddy and Jason Are, incorrectly listed the name and location of Rick Ziesing's company. It is

Versant Investment Management

, not Bonanza Capital, and it is in Kennett Square, Pa., not Kenneth Square, Pa. (

corrected April 10


The April 5 European Midday Update,

Technical Problems Prevent London Trading, incorrectly included the ticker symbol of San Jose, Calif.-based display processor company

Sage Inc.

(SAGI:Nasdaq) in a reference to London-listed


, an accounting software company. (

corrected April 10


The March 30 Evening Update,

Intel Faces $600 Million Decrease in Tax Provision, incorrectly included the ticker symbol of

Hearst-Argyle Television

(HTV:NYSE) in a reference to privately held publishing company


. Hearst owns 60% of Hearst-Argyle, but the latter company was not involved with the news being reported. (

corrected April 10