NEW YORK (TheStreet) --Airbnb is embarking on a move that CEO Brian Chesky compared to (AMZN) deciding it would be better served selling things other than books. In a new article published by Vanity Fair, author Katrina Brooker reports on Airbnb's second act.

"They are going beyond their couch surfing origins," Brooker said on CNBC's "Power Lunch" Thursday afternoon. "If they pull it off I think [Chesky] sees himself and his company beyond Uber into, sort of an Apple (AAPL) story."

Airbnb's goal is to create a unique way of offering trips, called Airbnb Trips. It begins with offering several excursions around the world that "the Airbnb traveler wants to experience," Brooker noted.

Examples include running with marathoners in Kenya, Samurai sword fighting in Japan, even surfing with professionals in Malibu.

"They are edgy, quirky off-beat trips," Brooker added.

The idea is to take Airbnb beyond the realm of only providing rental accommodations.

It hopes to tie in all the aspects of a single trip; transportation, airfare, entertainment, meals, etc. and combine them into one offering.

Airbnb is essentially looking to leverage its 140 million global users and take its services to the next level.