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Freeport McMoRan's

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been challenged for some time to deliver the copper it needs to. This last quarter, again, it reiterated that it has a lot of copper in the ground but has had a difficult time extracting it. So instead of plumbing the depths of Indonesia, it has plumbed the depths of Wall Street and


Phelps Dodge

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Of course, Freeport can get PD because of Wall Street. We're merciless on the Street when it comes to the cyclicals. Once they have peaked and the possibility of

down earnings

lurks, you could always find yourself with a stock that can't go up no matter how much money you are making.

That's where PD has been. It is coining money but less of it because copper goes into housing. So there's no way institutions except

Atticus, which is rapidly turning into one of the most creative and long-term thinking hedge funds out there, could sit with the stock.

Freeport, on the other hand, runs its business like a business, not a financial institution, and it isn't worried about this cycle; it's focused on the


cycle. So this move is a brilliant one,

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Freeport can pull it off and if one of the other mineral concerns that's also treading water --

Companhia Vale do Rio Doce

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BHP Billiton

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Rio Tinto


-- doesn't get involved.

A company desperate for reserves and another company with big reserves that gets no respect -- it's a match made for shareholders.

Random musings:

How come no one thinks that we could be reaching a peak in commercial real estate now that Sam Zell, the smartest man in real estate, is

cashing out, with the sale of his

Equity Office Properties


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