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NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- It happens to us every year. We smile, show how grateful we are, and above all else, we keep our real feelings inside when given a Christmas gift we simply can't stand.

We feel guilty about it. We know that someone has gone out of their way to get us a gift they think is special, but for some reason, we just hate it.

Whether it is a foul-smelling perfume, a book the person proclaims we must read because it changed their life, or the ugliest article of clothing ever created, sometimes we just get a Christmas gift that leaves us wondering: "What did I ever do to this person?"

But we must keep those thoughts to ourselves and give a grateful hug. Then, after we close the door behind our well-meaning but misguided friend, we slap a fresh layer of wrapping paper on that puppy and add it to the pile of presents we're planning on regifting.

National Regifting Day is a made-up holiday in the U.S. and has been held on the third Thursday of December for the past several years.

The term regifting was popularized in the long-running 1990s TV sitcom "Seinfeld," but the practice of giving someone a present that was originally meant for you long predates the phrase.

Have you ever regifted? Have you ever received a present that you suspect is a regift? Well take a look at our list of the 10 most commonly regifted Christmas gifts and find out:

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10. Candles

Not everyone loves a scented candle. For some people the aroma can be too much, and it leaves them with a sense of nausea rather than relaxation.

Keep the wrap on these pungent items and give them to a co-worker when you exchange your Secret Santa gifts.

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9. Picture Frames

We all take photos. Although nowadays people display their images on social media rather than in a frame.

If you find yourself with an excessive amount of photo frames, you could always regift them by turning them into stocking stuffers for the in-laws.

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8. Gift Baskets

This could be a dangerous regift, as sometimes the items in a gift basket can expire.

Are you the type that holds on to unwanted presents in order to regift them the following year? If so, then make sure everything in the basket is as fresh as the day it was given to you. Otherwise, you'll have some serious explaining to do when your friend opens up a gift basket filled with expired products. Yikes!

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7. Perfume

See earlier slide regarding smelly presents and regift accordingly.

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6. Fruitcake

With a gift that is famous as an item nobody wants, it boggles the mind that some people still give out fruitcake as a present.

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5. Wine

Wine and other alcoholic beverages can be popular gifts around the holidays, especially for co-workers or when visiting your in-laws for dinner.

The problem is that you could end up accumulating an excessive amount of booze. Unless you are planning on throwing one wild New Year's Eve party, it might be a good idea to pass along some of those bottles.

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4. Cookbooks

If you love to cook and experiment with recipes from all over the world, then a cookbook may be just the gift for you.

However, if your idea of a cookbook is flipping open the yellow pages and ordering take out, you might want to send that cookbook to a home where it will be used as more than just a coaster.

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3. Bath Soaps

In addition to being yet another smelly Christmas gift, bath soaps are often given out as "I don't know what to get" gifts.

When your Secret Santa is the new quiet girl at work, running to Bath and Body Works is an easy solution to your "What should I get her?" dilemma.

The problem is that bath soaps are such an overly given gift that if you're on the receiving end of it, then chances are it will just end up in a drawer with the other thousand soaps you've collected over the years.

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2. Books

Books can be a difficult gift to buy. Everyone has different tastes, and sometimes the book that changed your life is nothing but a barrage of babbling buffoonery to someone else.

So on behalf of all those book lovers out there that received 300 pages of nonsense as a Christmas gift, go with a bookstore gift card instead, otherwise who knows where that book will end up.

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1. Pajamas

Many people love pajamas, but this is another gift that can be given to excess, as it is often a go-to last minute gift idea. 

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