'There Is No Long Game for Communism,' Says Jim Cramer

Here's what Jim Cramer is thinking about the trade war and China.
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For his Real Moneycolumn Thursday, Jan. 25, Jim Cramer wrote that the U.S. "holds the cards in this trade war with China."

But, what exactly does that mean? 

"The Chinese need to come to the table more than we do," Cramer said on TheStreet's morning Facebook Live show. "Our market is doing fine, our employment is terrific. We don't have a lot to lose."

"You may say that the president is crazy. Well, that's even more dangerous for the Chinese," he continued.

In his Real Money column, Cramer wrote, "Has it hurt our companies that they have had to pay tariffs on Chinese goods? Not that anyone can tell. No company that has reported so far this earnings period has said it's an issue right now, although some are concerned about the 10% going to 25%."

Want to read the full column? You can find it here

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