Editors' pick: Originally published July 14.

Celebrated designer Zac Posen shares his passion for entertaining with a limited edition signature design for Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio this summer.

Premiering in a reserve capacity, Posen designed the exclusive label for Ecco Domani after a long love affair with the brand. Posen's first runway show during New York Fashion Week was sponsored by Ecco Domani and Posen has had a warm affinity for the wine ever since.

Born with a passion to design, Posen attended the prestigious Parson's School of Design at age 16, followed by London's Central Saint Martins University. His designs meld classic couture with striking creative flare, often worn by celebrities who have a serious penchant for style including First Lady Michelle Obama, Gwyneth Paltrow and Rihanna. Posen's award winning lines dresses the entire individual, ranging from meticulously crafted eyewear and bags to apparel for any occasion. His masterful presence on Lifetime's Project Runway proves Posen has an eye for style and insight into talent.

Posen is now styling the world of entertaining, taking his special brand of casual party planning to Ecco Domani's Pinot Grigio. The limited edition label is exquisite, playing with light and color, flirting with style but not over-designed. Posen drew upon his love of Japanese textiles, a kiku print in particular, which he felt embodied the fresh, flowering, exotic flavor he sees in the Ecco Domani brand. The perfect flourish to any table or given as a host or hostess gift, the limited edition label will bring an added layer of sophistication to any dinner party, gathering or social occasion.

Zac Posen--The Name in Fashionable Entertaining

As a leading designer, Posen applies his love of design to all aspects of his life, especially entertaining. His dinner parties are known to be one of the hottest invitations in town because Posen's parties are people-centric. He lets his home cooked food, partnered with the perfect wine lead the party, putting conversation and exchange of ideas as the main attraction. Arrive at one of Posen's personal events, and expect to be met with an appetizer fashioned using the freshest ingredients along with delicious wine.

Food is not a passing fancy for Posen. In fall 2017 Posen will debut his first cookbook, Cooking with Zac featuring some of the fan favorite recipes his 1million plus followers rave about online. Posen's #cookingwithzac on Instagram has become an inspiration for cooks throughout the world as his followers observe Posen cook, entertain and prepare for one of his famous dinner parties.

Simplicity at its classic finest is also a running theme throughout Posen's parties and is at the heart of his entertaining style. Bringing the outside, indoors for parties and not becoming overly consumed with pomp and circumstance are some of the reasons why Posen's guests are always vying for anther invite to his next gathering.

Posen provides a peek into what makes his parties a highly sought event. The key to a fantastic gathering is to allow the food and wine to bring people together, Posen says. Also, here are a few easy steps to add more flair to your next party:

  • Bring nature to the table. Fresh flowers are essential to any tablescape, but Posen advises hosts to tap into their imagination and add their own signature design to the arrangement.
  • Use the good dinnerware. From your grandmother's heirloom plates to your fine China, Posen says there is no day like today to use those beautiful dishes and celebrate the day and this moment in time.
  • Keep drinks chilled. Summer is the time for refreshing, cool drinks so keep a backup supply of ice on hand--white wine should be chilled and crisp.
  • Set the mood with music. Posen suggests creating an event-inspired playlist to set the mood. He selects 20 songs from his music library and sets up the list to loop and keep the party going.
  • Don't forget about mood lighting. Set the scene by dimming or elevating the lights, depending upon the kind of mood you hope to create. Posen says candles are a great way to add a glow and warmth to the table, however if you use candlestick tapers make sure they are not too tall because they block the view of your guests from across the table.
  • Determine seating ahead of time. Depending upon the number of guests, have creative place cards ready for larger groups, otherwise Posen says a nice touch is to let the seating have an organic free flow.