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How Much Is Aaron Rodgers Worth?

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With all his success, what is Rodgers' actual net worth? Celebrity Net Worth estimates it at approximately $120 million.

That number is likely to grow quite a bit over time. Rodgers, like so many other NFL quarterbacks over the past several years, went through a period of getting a hefty new contract and becoming the highest-paid quarterback in the league.

Unsurprisingly, Rodgers has made most of his money for football. Though his worth is reported to be around $120 million, he has made over $233 million in cash earnings from football, according to Spotrac. And by the time Rodgers is eligible to become a free agent, he will have made over $313 million.

A star player of Aaron Rodgers' caliber rarely if ever ends up playing the last year or two of a contract before getting an extension. And in August of 2018, with two years left on his previous contract extension, Rodgers signed another one - a 4-year extension worth $134 million, at the time the largest contract in NFL history (it has since been supplanted by Russell Wilson). So large was this extension that Rodgers was ranked 7th among the highest paid athletes of 2018-19.

Rodgers makes $9 million in endorsement deals, of which he has had plenty over the years. He had a deal with undefined for years before switching to Adidas in 2015. He has also worked with State Farm Insurance Company.

That $9 million also likely doesn't cover all the residuals. Aaron Rodgers, as any football fan knows, has his face plastered all over TV screens come football season, and those advertisements have proven popular enough to become recurring. He continues to do State Farm ads after his "Discount Double Check" ad campaign for them took off years ago, and they continue to be popular.

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