Thinking of getting your partner Sweethearts? It's a classic Valentine's Day gift, with the iconic sayings like "Be mine" etched into them. It's simple, classic and easy. A no-brainer, right?

Well, you can't get them this year. The company that made them, NECCO (short for New England Confectionery Co.), declared bankruptcy in March of 2018, and by the time Spangler Candy Company purchased the rights to both Sweethearts and NECCO wafers, there wasn't going to be enough time to create the amount that would be needed for one of the most popular candies of the holiday. You'll have to wait for next Valentine's Day to get them.

That means you need to think of a new plan. Lucky for you, Valentine's Day candy generates billions in sales per year. There is no shortage of options whether you need Valentine's Day candy for your partner, children, office and plenty more. Any preference in candy or chocolate can be found this time of year. Just don't wind up running desperately to your closest grocery store on Feb. 13.

Here are some candy options in lieu of Sweethearts for this Valentine's Day.