How would you like to hike a country?

Certainly for the well prepared traveler blessed with ample time, this is a popular goal. The Appalachian Trail, Spain's Camino Trail, the increasingly popular motorbike route from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi -- ample places offer the chance to spend weeks getting seeing the cross-section of a cultural.

For those with significantly less time and resources, of course, there's always A Walk In the Woods (the book, not the mediocre love letter Robert Redford filmed for Bill Bryson). Or, you could try something different and visit one of the world's smallest countries.

It turns out that Planet Earth is politically blessed with an absolute abundance of tiny nations. From island nations scattered past the horizon to ancient kingdoms like Luxembourg, it's surprisingly easy to find governments with less ground to their name than the state of Rhode Island.

You might not have the vacation days to hike from Georgia to Maine, but here are ten beautiful countries that you could cross in just a few days… or even over the course of a brisk jog.

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Editors' pick: Originally published Oct. 2.