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LOS ANGELES -- Gadget Grrl brings you an updated toothbrush and alarm clock that are set to make business travel more efficient. For starters, you don't have to carry a separate tube of toothpaste with this brush, because the paste fits right into the handle. Also, this alarm clock, with its incredibly new and unique design, has functionality that is far above its peers. It's a ring that slips over the finger and vibrates when it is time to wake up -- great for people who hate the loud blaring sounds of a typical clock.

Ohso Travel Toothbrush

OK, before you start thinking, "Hey it's just a toothbrush," take a closer look at this new way to brush with the Ohso Travel Toothbrush. For starters, you don't have to carry a separate tube of toothpaste, because it fits into the brush.

To use the Ohso, just screw in your favorite tube of toothpaste, (you need to squeeze out any excess air from the tube before using it). Once attached, a vacuum is created to pull toothpaste into the handle. You just keep turning until the brush is loaded.

After using the toothbrush, you replace the watertight cap and go. No more searching for or loosing the toothpaste in the middle of the night, or wrestling with the cap early in the morning.

As far as I'm concerned, anything that will make business travel more efficient is worth a try. The Ohso comes with an additional brushhead, and for $7.95 you can pick up another three for the road.

Ring Alarm Clock

Again, you may think, "What could possibly be new in the world of alarm clocks?" Well, this is not only an incredibly new and unique design, but its functionality is far and above any other alarm clock out today.

Designed for people who hate to be awakened by loud, obnoxious, clanging alarm clocks (and who doesn't?), the Ring actually has two Rings in case you're traveling with someone else. You wear one of the Rings and it will vibrate on your finger when it's time to get up.

The beauty of this device is that another person can wear the other Ring and it will gently, vibrate at another time to wake them up.

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To shut off the alarm you just take off the Ring and put it back on the cradle.

The charging cradle hold the two Rings upright, and you'd never know from the looks of it how it works or what it's for.The charging cradle is where you set what time you want each ring to go off.

The company also touts this device as something that could be used by the hearing impaired.Designed by Meng Fandi, this is not currently available, but watch the Web site for news ofwhen it will launch.

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