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Editors' pick: Originally published Jan. 18.

Hotels are improving their amenities for business travelers, especially for road warriors who are seeking efficiency, easy access and comfortable work areas for extended trips.

One of the top priorities for people traveling on an extended trip is the quality of the work space, such as having enough outlets and a desk that is large enough to hold their computer, phone and paperwork, said April Masini, a New York-based relationship and etiquette expert and author.

"The work space in a hotel room is always key for me," she said. "There has to good lighting and enough of it. I also like it when there's a comfortable lounging area that I can use for reading or entertaining."

On longer trips, Masini seeks accommodations that feel more like home and less like an institution.

"A mini fridge that's stocked with my favorite foods and beverages is a plus," she said.

The location, room size and amenities are always the top three priorities for long-term business travelers, said Andy Abramson, CEO of Comunicano, a Del Mar, Calif.-based marketing communications company, who travels an average of 200 days a year. Newer hotels are a favorite, because they tend to have more modern amenities than conventional full-service hotels.

"Proximity to full service and fast casual restaurants and being nearby to pharmacies, supermarkets and convenience stores are important, as there isn't always a 24-hour restaurant on the premises," he said. "They tend to have more of a breakfast and dinner hour set up and that doesn't always correspond to when I'll be hungry or on property."

Being close to a dry cleaner and a laundry is a bonus, since not all hotels offer those services seven days as week, Abramson said.

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One bedroom suites are preferable over studios, so "you're not trapped in your bedroom," he said.

"Being able to walk into the kitchen, open the refrigerator and grab some bottled water or juice is also a big plus, as you can stock up and keep working without having to take a break or pay for over priced room service," Abramson said.

Since business travelers spend a large amount of their time working, really fast, reliable WiFi comes first along with good cell phone reception, he said.

"The last two amenities are a flat screen TV with open HDMI ports," Abramson said. "This way I can connect my Google Chromecast to it and use my iPad or iPhone and stream what I want to watch versus the limited channels most hotels have."

The perk that is paramount to Abramson is being able to check out later to accommodate for meetings or a different schedule.

"It's an amenity I have from Intercontinental as a Royal Ambassador and I do stay in some as long as week at a time and being able to show up whenever is great when you have a red eye arrival," he said. "A late check out is well worth the price of the rooms - they allow me until 4 p.m. without question,and I've stayed as late as 8 p.m. without the extra night being charged."

Here are five hotels that are popular among business travelers who are on extended trips: