Thinking About Flying? Here Are the Top Ten Airlines For 2021

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Airlines stocks are beginning to report their earnings and TheStreet's founder Jim Cramer is happy about their performance. 

"Terrific numbers from United Airlines (UAL) before there's even international business to speak of. No degradation from the variants" writes Cramer, in a recent Real Money piece. "I bet we see the same from the rest of the airline gang. They are going to be very profitable by yearend."

As the vaccinated population is increasing, the airline industry is also slowly gaining momentum resulting in more air traffic, a good sign for the global economy., an aviation rating agency, has come up with a list of the top 20 airlines in the world for this year. The list was made on the basis of 'safety rating' and 'passenger comfort.' 

"We are focused on leadership and airlines that innovate to make a real difference to the passenger experience," said AirlineRating's Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas. "In our evaluation, we also consider the audited feedback from passengers on our website.” 

You might be surprised to know that the top ten list includes only one U.S. airline. 

Top Ten airlines for 2021:

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