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Tik-Tok Unveils Feature to Enable Followers to Tip Creators

As part of the Creator Next program, Tik-Tok users now can support their favorite content creators

Tik-Tok has given users much, from fun dances to debates as to whether cheugy is a real thing to introducing the world to the obscure indie rock band Fleetwood Mac.

Now the social media platform has introduced a way to show gratitude to users' favorite content creators by tipping them directly.

This week Tik-Tok, which is closely held by the Chinese company ByteDance, introduced its Creator Next program, which will provide multiple avenues for fans to support their favorite accounts, as reported by Billboard.

Tip Your Toker

The first tool is called Tips, which will enable Tik-Tok creators to receive money directly from their fans through Stripe. Creators keep 100% of the funds they receive. Stripe will also allow creators to manage their earnings through the program. 

The Creator Next program also introduced the Creator Marketplace, which will enable brands and agencies to browse creators from 24 countries and reach out to them directly about collaborations.

The Creator Next program also includes a mixture of previously introduced tools, such as LIVE Gifts, which generates tips based on the engagement of a creator’s livestreams, as well as the Creator Fund, which pays creators for their content based on video views, user engagement and other factors. 

The Fine Print

To be eligible for the Creator Fund, a creator must be at least 18 years old and have reached the minimum follower requirements, which vary by region. 

They will also have to have at least 1,000 video views and must have posted at least three videos in the past month. 

Finally, they must have an account in good standing under TikTok’s community guidelines.