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If you’re a fantasy football fanatic, Travis Kelce is one of the most coveted tight ends you can draft. The Kansas City player is a powerhouse on offense, bringing in some of the best receptions at the position. Coming off a knee injury, fans will be rooting hard for the upcoming playoff game against Houston. With all his success, just how much does Kelce make?

Travis Kelce's Net Worth

According to, Kelce’s career earnings come in at $24.43 million. His personal net worth varies based upon his spending and investments from that income. In 2016, Kelce locked in a contract extension that carries over five years and is worth $46 million, with a reported signing bonus of $10 million. Simply put, he’s one of the highest paid tight ends in the sport.

Travis Kelce's Career

Travis Kelce is enjoying his seventh season with the Chiefs. He was drafted No. 63 overall by Kansas City in the 2013 NFL draft. He then spent the 2013 season on injured reserve. Since joining the Chiefs, Kelce has been a performer in important moments. He was the team’s top receiver in 214, with 862 yards. In his first playoff appearance, he recorded 128 yards with eight receptions in a wild card game.

Within the franchise, Kelce carries the third-highest receiving yards of any tight end. His health has not always been the best, with injuries in 2013 making him largely inconsequential to the teams season. This year, Kelce is also facing injuries at inopportune times. As of Jan. 8, he was listed as a limited participant for practice ahead of their playoff game against the Houston Texans. Now 30, he is nursing a knee injury, but it’s likely they’re simply sitting him in preparation for the game.

And indeed they were, as Kelce would go on to play in all 3 playoff games for the Chiefs as they won their first Super Bowl since 1970.


Kelce has been noted for lacking maturity at times. In college he was suspended from the team at the University of Cincinnati for failing a marijuana test. His scholarship was revoked, and he had to pay his own tuition. After some guidance from his family, he pulled himself onto the right track.

A more recent controversy includes Kelce shoving his coach on camera. During a game against the Indianapolis Colts, Kelce was caught on film shoving the Chief’s offense coordinator Eric Bieniemy. The two were reportedly arguing before the push, and were then moved away from each other. Kelce later said “As far as what happened on the sideline, sometimes in football you get a little heated with your brothers and your coaches.” He expressed regret for the incident, and hugged it out later on.

Endorsements/Activities Outside of Football

Travis Kelce is active outside the game. He starred in a McDonald’s commercial last year; scoring a touchdown and then beginning to dance for a “mix-and-match” promotion the company was running. One can only imagine how much that marketing garnered for Kelce pocketbook.

His TV show, “Catching Kelce”, did not garner the greatest response from many. In summation, the E! network gave Kelce a dating show that is basically the same thing as “The Bachelor” where a group of women compete to date the football player. 

Recently, he launched a nutrition brand called Hilo Nutrition. The brand aims to provide a full line of nutritional supplements as gummies. Kelce is serving as chief of performance, but the company is actually run by founder and CEO Andy Sauer. The basic idea is that the current forms of supplements like drinks and powders can be less convenient for workouts than a simple gummy that packs everything you need.

Kelce also launched a lifestyle brand last year called TruKolors. The proceeds from the brand will help his foundation. Called 87 & Running, the foundation’s goal is to help disadvantaged kids progress in life by giving them the resources that other kids have to advance in things like school, the arts, and athletics.

Playoff Prospects

Having avoided the wild card, and locking in their place in the divisional round, the Chiefs faced the Houston Texans in the divisional round. There was no doubt that coach Andy Reid was planning to employ the elite tight end as a major part of their offense. The question at hand was going to be how Kelce's knee held up.

That question was answered quickly and definitively. After falling into a 24-0 deficit against the Texans early in the second quarter, the Chiefs mounted a massive comeback that resulted in a 51-31 victory. Kelce was one of the biggest reasons for that; he finished the game with 10 catches for 134 yards and 3 touchdowns. He caught an additional 3 passes for 30 yards in the AFC Championship Game against the Titans, as Kansas City won 35-24 to reach the Super Bowl.

Kelce would catch 6 passes in Super Bowl LIV for 43 yards, including a 4th quarter touchdown that cut the Chiefs' deficit to 3 in a game they would ultimately win 31-20.