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As of 2020, Jimmy Garoppolo’s net worth is approximately $43 million, according to some reports.

The star quarterback for the National Football League’s San Francisco 49ers is 28 years old, so his net worth is bound to skyrocket over the next decade. That’s especially the case if, like his former mentor Tom Brady, Garoppolo can bring a Super Bowl trophy or two home in the next few years, and the young quarterback cashes in on more endorsement deals.

In the short term, though, Garoppolo’s net worth will grow due to the size of his $137.6 million contract signed in February, 2018. That contract is good for five years, with $70 million guaranteed, and a $35 million signing bonus, according to figures released by the San Francisco 49ers.

"Jimmy G’s" Early Years

Jimmy Garoppolo, known by legions of gridiron fans as “Jimmy G.,” was born on Nov. 2, 1991 in Arlington Heights, Ill. His mother and father, Denise Garoppolo and Tony Garoppolo, were of Italian descent, and gave Jimmy and his three siblings (all boys) a stable home in the breadbasket of America.

As a teenager, Garoppolo attended Rolling Meadows High School in Arlington Heights, starring as both a quarterback on offense and a linebacker on defense. It was on offense where Garoppolo shined, setting the stage for future NFL stardom.

Lining up as quarterback for 19 games at Rolling Meadows, Garoppolo threw for 25 touchdowns and over 3,000 years.

That kind of production caught the attention of several collegiate football programs, with Garoppolo opting to attend Eastern Illinois from 2010 to 2013.

He quickly made a name for himself with the Panthers in first year, throwing 14 touchdowns for over 1,500 yards. By the time he left Eastern Illinois, Jimmy G. racked up 20 touchdowns in his sophomore year, 31 touchdowns his junior year, and a staggering 53 touchdowns in 2013, shattering every Eastern Illinois passing record in the process.

The previous quarterback whose records Jimmy broke? None other than Tony Romo, former quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys and now a high profile NFL broadcaster for CBS Sports.

Garoppolo and the Patriots

That was only prelude for what happened to him next.

After his high-production senior year at Eastern Illinois, Garoppolo caught the eye of Bill Belichick, legendary coach of the New England Patriots, who were in the midst of a championship run that ultimately netted the franchise six Super Bowl titles by 2019.

Belichick drafted Garoppolo in the second round of the 2014 NFL draft, where he would backup another NFL legend, Tom Brady – who was consider by wide acclaim as the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

With Brady firmly at the helm, Garoppolo only appeared sporadically in the next few years running the Patriot’s high-octane offense (they would yet another Super Bowl in Garoppolo's rookie year, besting the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX.)

Garoppolo caught his big break in 2016, in a highly unusual way. Tom Brady found himself suspended by the NFL for four games, after a highly controversial decision by league commissioner Roger Goodell to penalize Brady for requesting inflated footballs in a playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts.

With Brady out of the picture for the first quarter of the 2016 NFL regular season, it was Garoppolo’s time to shine. Substituting for Brady, he led the Patriots to 23-21 upset win over the Arizona Cardinals, setting the stage for another epic run for the Patriots. Later that year, the Pats would nail down its fifth Super Bowl (and Garoppolo’s second) with a come from behind win over the Atlanta Falcons.

With his profile rising in NFL circles and stuck behind a living legend at quarterback in New England, Garoppolo was traded to the 49ers in 2017 for a second-round draft choice, in another highly controversial move centered around the Patriots, especially Belichick, Brady and team owner Robert Kraft. It was Kraft who reportedly insisted Garoppolo had to go, and that Tom Brady would be the long-term quarterback for the Patriots.

Garoppolo wasn’t complaining.

Garoppolo and the 49ers

He immediately showed promise with the 49ers in the latter stages of the 2017 season, and he was awarded the team’s starting quarterback job in 2018, along with his record contract. Three games into the season, Garoppolo suffered a season-ending knee injury against the Kansas City Chiefs, but rebounded strongly in 2019, leading the 49ers to the NFC West Divisional Championship and a No. 1 seed in the league playoffs.

In the playoffs, Garoppolo was efficient but did not do much. He didn't have to. The 49ers stifling defense and versatile rushing attack took care of the Vikings and especially the Packers, where running back Raheem Mostert rushed for over 200 yards. Garoppolo only attempted 8 passes in the NFC Championship Game against the Packers, completing 6.

Super Bowl LIV was a mixed bag for Garoppolo. He had some impressive throws and a touchdown pass. But he also threw 2 interceptions and overthrew Emmanuel Sanders late for what could have been a go-ahead touchdown.

No doubt, as a football player and league-leading quarterback, Garoppolo has secured himself a reputation as a tough and talented team leader, with a bright future with the San Francisco 49ers on the field and as a prominent and charismatic athletic brand for years to come off the field.

Garoppolo's Endorsement Money and Contract Limitations

A natural for the cameras, Garoppolo is drawing no shortage of interest from corporate sponsors. He has inked high-income pacts with multiple brands, including New Era, Bose and Nike (NKE) - Get Free Report (with the Jordan Brand) valued at between $200,000, and $1 million as of 2019.

While Garoppolo can expect sky-high endorsement income as his name becomes nationally known among consumers, he does have some limitations with both his NFL contract and endorsement money.

For example, Garoppolo can’t drive any off-road vehicles and motorcycles, and can’t engage in high-risk activities like sky-diving, scuba diving, and rock climbing – at least as long as he remains in his NFL contract.

How Does Jimmy Garoppolo Spend His Money?

Despite his contract limitations, Garoppolo has a penchant for driving high-end vehicles. He reportedly owns a Maserati Quattro Porte (valued at up to $347,000), a Mercedes Benz and a convertible Chevy Camaro (purchased for $52,000.)

Past a passion for four-wheel rides, Garoppolo described himself as “a saver” in an interview with Fox Business News, and has, along with his father who is a retired electrician, poured a great deal of time in promoting high school students to engage in skill trades as a career path.

He’s also set aside a good chunk of his money for his three siblings and his parents. As Garoppolo puts it, "As far as helping my family, I do everything that I can for them," he said. "It is a blessed opportunity that I was given and I'm trying to help as many people as I can."