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How the Brett Favre Trade Will Cost Fans

The move not only has Gang Green fans rejoicing, but Vegas odds makers scrambling.

All-time NFL touchdown pass leader Brett Favre's arrival in New York won't just impact the action on the gridiron this fall -- big bucks are also at stake.

As one of the elite players and names in the most popular sport in the United States, Favre will bring media exposure and fans' dollars with him to his new home with the New York Jets after the Green Bay Packers traded away the future Hall of Famer on Wednesday.

The move not only had Gang Green fans rejoicing, but green-loving Vegas odds makers scrambling. According to the

Las Vegas Review-Journal

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, moments after the trade went down, the Las Vegas Hilton pulled all Jets betting lines off the board.

That means the brains behind legal betting want to make sure they can hedge their bets and make the most money possible.

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