Stephen Curry

National Basketball Association players hold a fascination that not many can attain - and, happen to be some of the highest-paid athletes in the world. Although playoff season may be behind us, America's NBA obsession is long from over. But, who is the highest paid player?

1. Stephen Curry

2018-2019 Salary: $34 million

For tried and true NBA fans, this should come as no surprise. Curry has finally dethroned LeBron James, who has consistently ranked as one of the highest paid NBA players for several seasons.

Raking in a cool salary of more than $34 million, Curry's time playing for the Golden State Warriors seems to be paying off. According to his contract details, Curry is currently signed on a 5-year, $201.2 million contract, with an annual salary cap of $40 million. As a two-time MVP winner, Curry is signed until the 2022 season.

The famous point guard is now in the middle of his contract. At 30 years old, holding the title of the richest NBA player isn't too shabby.

2. LeBron James

2018-2019 Salary: $33 million

Coming in hot on the heels of Curry, James' salary sits just a fraction off from the top of the payroll. He usually plays small forward but is known to play other positions.

Still, signed to a 3-year, $99.9 million contract, James looks to earn a $35.6 million salary in the 2018-2019 season. However, James is almost certain to opt out of his contract - the deadline being 11:59 p.m. June 29. James has been linked to other teams, including the Lakers, and by the close of the offseason, may surpass Curry once more to the top spot for highest-paid player.

Although Curry and James have recently faced off on their respective teams, giving Curry and the Warriors the upper hand, both players are neck-and-neck for the top spot. But, James' sponsorship earnings and business ventures put his net worth at an estimated $400 million to $480 million - a crushing $390 million higher than Curry's $90 million.

Thanks to partnerships with the likes of Nike (NKE - Get Report) and Kia (KIMTF , James' earnings go far beyond the court.

At 33, the forward has been very vocal about his wishes for upcoming contracts.

"I want to kind of try to break the mold just for the next generation, just take the narrative out of 'You're past your prime when you hit 31,' or 'You're past your prime in your 12th year in the league,' or whatever the case may be," James told "Hopefully, I can break the mold so when the next guy comes, he can still get $200 [million] or $300 million and be 33 years old. I'm serious."

3. Paul Millsap

2018-2019 Salary: $31.3 million

The Denver Nuggets player sits only third from the richest spot in the NBA payrolls.

With an annual salary of $31.3 million, Millsap's 2-year, $61 million contract certainly isn't small potatoes.

The 33-year-old power forward is signed through the 2018-2019 season. Although the Nuggets are looking to build a stronger foundation to complement the player, it seems as though Millsap's talents are being recognized.

4. Blake Griffin

2018-2019 Salary: $29.7 million

Hitting just short of the $30 million mark, Griffin's 5-year, $171.2 million contract reflects the star player's contributions to the Detroit Pistons.

Griffin is set to make more than $30 million in the coming seasons.

Although the forward was formerly signed with the Los Angeles Clippers, Griffin's deal with the Pistons appears to be a profitable one so far.

5. Gordon Hayward

2018-2019 Salary: $29.7 million

Tied with Griffin for the number four spot, Hayward's earnings are competitive, to say the least.

The Boston Celtics' shooting guard is signed to a 4-year, $127.8 million contract, and stands to get his earnings into the low $30 million range in coming seasons.

Hailing from Butler University, the 28-year-old player has made a splash in the NBA, despite an injury last month. Hayward is expected to be fully recovered by August.

6. Kyle Lowry

2018-2019 Salary: $28.7 million

The Toronto Raptors' point guard just finished the season early in the playoffs, but his multi-million-dollar annual salary ought to cheer him up a bit.

Lowry is currently signed to a 3-year, $100 million contract. The 32-year-old is expected to reach a high annual earnings of $33 million before his contract ends in 2020.

Despite the Raptor's record 59-win season, Lowry's disappointment in the early loss against the Cavaliers in the playoffs appears to leave him wanting a bigger next season.

7. Mike Conley

2018-2019 Salary: $28.5 million

Conley's deal with the Memphis Grizzlies has earned him one of the top 10 spots on the highest paid NBA players list.

The Grizzlies' point guard is set in a 5-year, $152.6 million contract, with the option to make up to $34 million in 2020.

Conley's contract, signed during the free agency period in 2016, was the biggest in NBA history. Following in the footsteps of his Olympic-gold-medalist father Mike Conley Sr., Conley seems to be making plenty of gold himself.

8. Russell Westbrook

2018-2019 Salary: $28.5 million

On-par with Conley, Westbrook makes almost a cool $30 million playing for Oklahoma City Thunder.

Westbrook is locked into a 3-year, $85.6 million contract, reaching a salary cap of $30.5 million in his final year of 2018-2019. The 29-year-old point guard has an upcoming contract of 5 years, where the player could receive an average salary of up to $41 million.

9. James Harden

2018-2019 Salary: $28.3 million

Harden trails Conley and Westbrook with his $28.3 million salary in contract with the Houston Rockets.

The Texas-based Rockets' player is on his last season of his 4-year, $118 million contract. When the 28-year-old shooting guard begins his upcoming 4-year contract in 2019-2020, Harden will make an average salary of $42.3 million, starting at $37.8 million.

10. DeMar DeRozan

2018-2019 Salary: $27.7 million

Snagging the last spot on the top-10 highest paid NBA players, DeRozan slides in at an impressive $27.7 million annual salary.

The Toronto Raptors player may make about $1 million less than his team player Lowry, but the 28-year-old shooting guard's 5-year, $129 million contract is anything but coming up short.

DeRozan made on of the richest NBA deals in 2016 when he signed with the Raptors.

11. Al Horford

2018-2019 Salary: $27.7 million

Coming in just under DeRozan's salary, Horford earns a competitive $27.7 million a year playing for the Boston Celtics.

Horford is currently set in a 4-year, $113 million contract with the Boston-based team. The center will hit annual earnings of $29 million by the time he turns 33.

12. Carmelo Anthony

2018-2019 Salary: $26.2 million

Oklahoma City Thunder boasts another high-paid player with Anthony raking in another $26.2 million annually.

At 34, the small forward is locked into a 4-year, optional 5-year $124 million contract with Oklahoma City Thunder. Anthony is set to make his highest salary in this upcoming year, hitting $27.9 million. Although the Thunder suffered a rocky season in the playoffs, Anthony seems set into his near $28 million option this upcoming season.

13. Damian Lillard

2018-2019 Salary: $26.1 million

Weber State alum Lillard is set at a comfortable $26 million per year, playing for the Portland Trail Blazers as a point guard.

In the middle of a 5-year, $140 million contract with the Trail Blazers, the 27-year-old is set to make up to $31.6 million in his 2020 season.

Lillard's accomplishment of making the All-NBA team twice has earned him a special contract via "The Derrick Rose Rule."

14. Jrue Holiday

2018-2019 Salary: $25.7 million

Holiday's $25.7 million annual salary earns him the 14th spot on the biggest salaries in the NBA.

The 28-year-old point guard for the New Orleans Pelicans is locked into a 5-year, $132 million contract. Holiday is set to make his highest annual salary in 2021, making $26.3 million.

15. Kevin Durant

2018-2019 Salary: $25 million

The famous Golden State Warriors' small forward boasts an impressive $25 million annual salary, but rakes in more with brand partnerships.

29-year-old Durant is currently finishing up a 2-year, $51.3 million contract with the Warriors. Durant will reportedly be returning to the Warriors for the upcoming season.

Durant made a ground-breaking decision to take a pay cut to the tune of about $10 million. Durant told The Athletic in an interview that:

"... I'm a smart guy and I want to keep this thing going and looking at Andre and Shaun [Livingston] and Steph [Curry] - they all should make the most money that they can make and get what they deserve. Because they were all underpaid and I knew at some point they'd want to get what they deserve. So I just took a step back and let the chips fall where they may. Then I took it in my hands. I wanted to keep the team together and I thought it was going to help the ownership bring all the guys back."

Durant is famously partnered with Foot Locker (FL - Get Report) and Nike (NKE - Get Report) , helping him earn an estimated $150 million net worth.

16. Otto Porter Jr.

2018-2019 Salary: $24.7 million

The 25-year-old Washington Wizards' small forward earns a hefty $24.7 million a year, close to his alma mater Georgetown University.

Porter is currently signed to a 4-year, $106.5 million contract with the Wizards, and will be making up to $28 million in 2020.

17. Chris Paul

2018-2019 Salary: $24.6 million

The Houston Rockets' point guard earns an annual salary of $24.6 million - about $4 million less than Paul's teammate Harden.

33-year-old Paul has a 5-year, $107 million contract with the Rockets. As of 2018, Paul is a free agent, but is speculated to return to the Rockets.

18. CJ McCollum

2018-2019 Salary: $24 million

Teammate of Lillard, McCollum earns just shy of Lillard's $26 million annual salary.

The 26-year-old shooting guard is currently in a 4-year, $106.6 million contract with the Portland Trail Blazers. McCollum is set to earn $29.3 million in 2020.

19. Andre Drummond

2018-2019 Salary: $23.8 million

Drummond's run with the Detroit Pistons earns him a nice paycheck of $23.8 million per year.

At 24, the center is in the middle of a 5-year, $127.2 million contract with the Pistons. Come 2020, the young player is set to earn an annual salary of $28.8 million.

20. Bradley Beal

2018-2019 Salary: $23.8 million

Tying Drummond for spot 19 on the highest paid NBA players list, Beal's contract with the Washington Wizards earns him about $23.8 million per year.

The shooting guard signed a 5-year, $127 million contract with the Wizards in 2016. Expecting to earn $28.8 million in 2020, the young player has a promising career.

21. Anthony Davis

2018-2019 Salary: $23.8 million

Joining Beal and Drummond, Davis keeps up by earning $23.8 million with the New Orleans Pelicans.

Holding at $127 million, 5-year contract, the power forward has a few years left to reach a top annual salary of $28.8 million in 2020 with the Pelicans.

22. Dwight Howard

2018-2019 Salary: $23.5 million

Howard's time at the Charlotte Hornets earns him a strong $23.5 million annually.

After skipping from five teams in seven years, Howard landed a contract with the Hornets for 3 years, $70.5 million. The 8-time All-Star center is set to earn $23.8 in the upcoming season.

As of Wednesday, the Hornets traded Howard to the Nets

23. Chandler Parsons

2018-2019 Salary: $23.1 million

The Memphis Grizzlies locked Parsons down at a current annual salary of $23.1 million.

The 29-year-old small forward is over half way through a 4-year, $94.4 million contract with the Grizzlies. By 2019, Parsons should be earning a solid $25.1 million per year.

24. Harrison Barnes

2018-2019 Salary: $23.1 million

Matching Parsons on current salary, Barnes earns a $23.1 million a year with the Dallas Mavericks.

Playing small forward for the Mavericks, Barnes currently is signed for a 4-year, $94.4 million contract. Barnes' salary should jump to $25.1 by the 2019 season.

25. JJ Redick

2018-2019 Salary: $23 million

Earning a straight $23 million a year, Redick makes the top 25 spot for the highest NBA salaries.

Redick is signed with the Philadelphia 76ers in a 1-year, $23 million contract. The 33-year-old shooting guard is finishing up his last year with the 76ers. The 76ers may want to re-sign Redick during his free agency in 2018. Redick was one of the highest paid players for the 76ers this season.

26. Brook Lopez

2018-2019 Salary: $22.6 million

At 30 years old, Lopez earns $22.6 million annually with the Brooklyn Nets.

The current New York resident center is finishing up a 3-year, $63.5 million contract with the Nets, becoming a free agent in 2018. The 2018 year is Lopez' highest earning year thus far.

27. Marc Gasol

2018-2019 Salary: $22.6 million

Earning barely less than Lopez, Gasol makes $22.6 million thanks to his contract with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Heading into the last couple seasons of his 5-year, $113 million contract with the Grizzlies, the 33-year-old center is set to earn a high of $25.6 million in 2019.

28. DeAndre Jordan

2018-2019 Salary: $22.6 million

Tied with Gasol, Jordan's $22.6 million annual salary comes via the LA Clippers.

Going into his last year on a 4-year, $87.6 million contract with the Clippers, the 29-year-old center is going to top at a $24.1 million annual salary in the 2018-2019 season.

For the NBA free agency 2018, Jordan seems to be an option for the Mavericks, despite mixed reports.

29. Kevin Love

2018-2019 Salary: $22.6 million

Not to be outdone by Gasol or Jordan, Love's $22.6 million salary with the Cleveland Cavaliers ranks him in the top 30 highest paid NBA players.

Finishing up a 5-year, $113.2 million contract with the Cavaliers, Love's salary will reach a peak in 2019 with $25.6 million that year.

Coming off of injuries this past season, Love is still an option for a renewed contract with Cavaliers, according to recent reports.