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The 13th head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs, Andy Reid is in his 21st season as a head coach in the NFL. According to the Chief’s website, Reid started the season with 213 total wins, putting him at No. 6 in the rankings in NFL history. 

Overall, Reid is known for his passion for the game, and history of working with top quarterbacks including Brett Favre, Michael Vick, and Patrick Mahomes. He also serves on the NFL Competition Committee’s Coaches Subcommittee, putting his thoughts in and advocating for stances on rules and the quality of the game.

Andy Reid's Net Worth

Reid carries a net worth of $20 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Don’t put too much stock in anyone being able to calculate the figure. Reid’s net worth is largely dependent on his spending and investing habits. What he does have is a salary most of us can only dream of. According to Forbes, Andy Reid is tied for the 15th highest-paid coach in America. With an average contract value of $8 million, Reid ties with Rick Carlisle of the Dallas Mavericks, Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Dan Quinn of the Atlanta Falcons.

Overall, there’s not much out there on how Reid spends his money. It’s not surprising given that coaches usually don’t share the same lavish lifestyle’s as many players. After making the move to Kansas City, Reid did list his home in Villanova for $2.3 million.

Andy Reid's Career

Reid carries a career winning percentage of 61.3%, according to Forbes. Prior to joining the Chiefs, Reid was the head coach and the executive VP of operations for the Philadelphia Eagles. He was with the franchise for 14 seasons, and carried a winning percentage of 58.3% in the regular season. The team made it to playoffs nine times under his rule. According to, his winning percentage ranks 13th all-time when compared with coaches with 200 games. Reid made the move to Kansas City in 2013, where he improved his winning percentage greatly. The team has made it to the playoffs five times under his tenure, and has won 67.6% of regular season games during that time.

Here's a timeline of Reid's career:

  • 1979-1981: Played tackle and guard at Brigham Young University.
  • Coached as graduate student at BYU.
  • 1989-1991: Coached as an offensive line coach at University of Missouri.
  • Coached with the Green Bay Packers in multiple positions through the 90s.
  • Made the move to head coach of the Eagles in 1999.
  • 2000: Leads a noted turnaround in the Eagles. After a 5-11 season, takes the team to 11-5; making it to playoffs.

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  • 2004: Eagles make it to the Super Bowl, losing to the New England Patriots. He became the coach with the most wins with the Eagles during that season.
  • 2008: Makes it to 100 wins.

Once he made the shift to the Chiefs, Reid's regular season successes went with him. The team finished the 2015 season 11-5, the 2016 season 12-4, the 2017 season 10-6, and 12-4 in 2018. 2019 was a 12-4 season.


By and large, Reid is spoken highly of by most within the NFL. They credit the man with a hard work ethic and a concern for keeping the game great. Roger Goodell was quoted as saying “I am a huge fan of Coach Reid, he is a person I have tremendous respect for as a coach and family man”.

The incident and eventual suspension of Tyreek Hill for accusations of assault certainly cast a bad shadow on the Chief’s franchise. The coach was hit with controversial comments from radio host Kevin Kietzman after the incident. The host was removed from the air after he implied occurrences within Reid’s family suggest that he wasn’t fit to “fix” Hill. The spar was in reference to the death of Reid’s son from a drug overdose in 2012. The situation was considered unbecoming by many.

Perhaps even more detrimental to the organization was the 2018 footage of Kareem Hunt assaulting a woman in an elevator. Hunt was cut from the team after the video surfaced. Whether these incidents can really be put toward Reid, or the organization, is up for debate.

And of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Michael Vick. Andy Reid was considered instrumental in building the quarterback up with the Eagles, after he was caught taking part in dogfighting with his pit bulls. Vick was suspended from the Atlanta Falcons, and would eventually end up at the Philadelphia Eagles playing under Reid after he left prison. Down the road, critics of Vick would again be surprised when Andy Reid brought him to the Chief’s as a coaching intern in 2017.

Reid’s association with controversial players is perhaps the one dark cloud over an otherwise clean career.

This Season

The one coaching critique that Reid tends to get hit with is his inability to close during playoffs. He’s only won twice in seven playoffs over the last decade. This season, he had the opportunity to improve on those stats and change his legacy in the NFL - and he did it.

In each playoff game this season, the Chiefs trailed by at least 10 points. Each time, the team successfully came back. A 24-0 deficit against the Houston Texans became a 51-31 victory for the Chiefs. In the AFC Championship Game against the Titans, 10-0 and 17-7 deficits were eradicated as the Chiefs won 35-24 to make their first Super Bowl in 50 years.

Super Bowl LIV was the second Reid had been a head coach for (he coached the Eagles in a loss at Super Bowl XXXIX). Though his Chiefs and the 49ers were tied 10-10 at halftime, by the 4th quarter the 49ers had a 20-10 lead with time running out. Mahomes, who had struggled in the game to that point, put together some impressive passes, and in the blink of an eye the Chiefs had gone from being down 20-10 to being up 24-20 (a late rushing touchdown by Damien Williams made it 31-20). The Chiefs defense was able to make crucial stops late in the game, and Kansas City finished the game on top.

The Super Bowl was Reid's 222nd win in the regular season and playoffs combined (6th all time amongst NFL coaches) and his first Super Bowl victory.