Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers didn't take the route that most young star quarterbacks take today. Rather than start immediately, he was left to sit behind Brett Favre for a few years before his star could rise.

But it did rise, and Rodgers quickly ascended from a top prospect to top 10 quarterback to, at his best, the absolute top QB in the league. At 34, having been in the NFL for over a decade, he isn't seeking to prove himself in anyway, instead padding his resume and hoping to add another Super Bowl ring to his collection. He has already secured his status as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game.

Becoming an all-time great in the NFL is a pretty solid ego boost, and it doesn't just get you awards and validation from the fans. As a solid perk, Aaron Rodgers has made fantastic money as quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. And should he stay healthy, he's likely got another massive contract in his future, too.

What Is Aaron Rodgers' Net Worth?

With all his success, what is Rodgers' actual net worth? Celebrity Net Worth estimates it at approximately $30 million.

Of course, that number could change at any minute. There are few things more volatile in this world than the ranking of "highest paid quarterback in the NFL." QBs keep needing contracts and teams keep breaking records to give them some. Most recently, Matt Ryan signed a 5-year, $150 million extension (and is guaranteed $100 million of it!) to become the highest paid, but there are plenty of quarterbacks needing new contracts in the near future. One of those is Rodgers himself.

Aaron Rodgers Contract

Unsurprisingly, Rodgers has made most of his money for football. Though his worth is reported to be around $30 million, he's made nearly $140 million in cash earnings from football, according to Spotrac.

It's doubtful that he's complaining. But he actually could've made far more if things had gone his way - and how people predicted it would.

Aaron Rodgers Draft

Aaron Rodgers was seen by many as the top quarterback available in the 2005 NFL Draft, and the stage was set not only for him to be drafted first overall, but as a result to go to his hometown team, the San Francisco 49ers.

That didn't happen, though, as the 49ers took Alex Smith. And with few teams desperately needing a quarterback, Rodgers infamously fell down the draft boards, powerless to do anything but watch before the Packers finally took him 24th overall.

How much did that cost him? He signed his first deal with Green Bay in August of 2005, a 5-year deal worth $7.7 million. Alex Smith, as the first overall pick, signed a 6-year deal worth $49.5 million.

When the time came for Rodgers to finally become the starting QB in 2008, it didn't take long for the Packers organization to realize what they had in him. His first extension came midway through that same season - 6 years, $63 million.

During that contract, Rodgers became a superstar. He led that upstart Packers team to a victory in Super Bowl XLV and won the Super Bowl MVP for the 2010 season. The next year he won MVP for the entire season, turning into a machine, the ideal combination of arm strength and accuracy.

That $63 million deal seemed like a bargain by the time it was set to expire, but Green Bay never let it come close to actually expiring. His most recent extension came in 2013, adding 5 years worth $110 million. That $22 million annual salary was, at the time, the highest salary in the NFL. And that's not even mentioning the signing bonus he got for it. Combining the bonus and salary, Rodgers made nearly $40 million playing football in 2013 alone!

How Much Money Does Aaron Rodgers Have Left on His Contract?

As of this writing, Rodgers has two years left on that latest contract extension. The way the contract has been structured, Rodgers' deal was actually fairly team-friendly, but the backloaded nature means he'll be getting paid quite a bit more in pure salary in 2018 and 2019. In 2018, he's set to make $19.8 million. In 2019, his salary is $20 million.

That's assuming there's no new extension before that, though. That rarely happens with star quarterbacks, certainly ones of Rodgers' caliber. Rodgers only played 7 games in 2017 due to injury after a broken collarbone wrecked his season. Should his play in 2018 prove that he's still at the top of his game, it's likely that extension is coming sooner than later.

Aaron Rodgers Commercials & Endorsements

Aaron Rodgers is one of the most recognizable faces in football, and that has attracted a number of big-name brands looking to attach the quality of his game to the quality of their product.

Rodgers makes $7.5 million in endorsement deals, of which he has had plenty over the years. He had a deal with Nike for years before switching to Adidas in 2015. He has also worked with Ford and State Farm as some of the most notably high-profile companies he endorses.

That $7.5 million also likely doesn't cover all the residuals. Aaron Rodgers, as any football fan knows, has his face plastered all over TV screens come football season, and those advertisements have proven popular enough to become recurring. He continues to do State Farm ads after his "Discount Double Check" ad campaign for them took off years ago, and they continue to be popular. He's started acting in them with teammate Clay Matthews. One of his more recent ones, featuring him driving in a truck with an adorable dog, went viral - because, again, adorable dog.

The truck in the commercial was even another one of Rodgers's sponsorships, the Ford F-150. And with Rodgers now signed to CAA's sports division, don't count on his face leaving your TV anytime soon.

Aaron Rodgers House & Car

Many athletes of Aaron Rodgers' caliber live in complete luxury - look at Tom Brady's many houses and apartments throughout the country. Rodgers has some nice properties, but it isn't quite on that level. That's not his fault; Green Bay is a nice city, but it doesn't have the expensive real estate of a Manhattan or Boston.

In 2017, Rodgers put up for sale a $424,900 property he owns in Suamico, WI (a short drive away from Lambeau Field). For a multimillionaire superstar, that's chump change, but few people would complain about a nice four-bedroom, three-bathroom house at that price. Plus, just imagine the bragging rights you'd earn for owning Aaron Rodgers' house. In Wisconsin, you could make a profit turning that into a Rodgers museum.

Of course, Rodgers is a Californian at heart, and he makes sure to be there when the offseason approaches. He, as many other quarterbacks have taken to doing, has a nice beach house in Del Mar, in San Diego County (Drew Brees and Carson Palmer also have houses in the area).

These houses he bought with his money. His nicest car, though? That was a reward. Those who win Super Bowl MVP aren't just immortalized in NFL history, they get a new car, too. For Rodgers' great performance defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers, he earned himself a shiny new Chevy Camaro convertible. Imagine winning a sleek new car worth well over tens of thousands of dollars, and it's the least memorable part of your night. That's Aaron Rodgers' life.