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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Launches Pay With Change Initiative, Mandates New Gender Equity Standards for Advertising in 2022 Issue

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2022 issue will be a first-of-its-kind magazine to set a new standard for publishers with its progress toward gender equity in advertising.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit on Thursday marked the 58th anniversary of its first print issue with the announcement of a new advertising mandate, which will allow only brands that are helping drive gender equality forward to be featured in the magazine’s annual print issue as well as across its digital footprint.

The new platform, Pay with Change, will celebrate companies that are creating change for women in the varied ways they need it, and all brands making progress, big or small, can buy in.

SI Swimsuit's Currency of Doing Good

To participate, SI Swimsuit is changing the cost of doing business from a monetary value to a currency of doing good. All brands that prove they are creating change for women will be certified as a Changemaker, which is defined as a brand that has made, is making, and will make progress for women by May 2022 when the annual issue hits newsstands.

Each changemaking brand will then be able to purchase space within the SI Swimsuit 2022 print issue, which will feature only advertisements showcasing the progress each brand is making to build equity for all women. Brands will also be featured across SI Swimsuit's digital properties, including its social media channels. There are additional opportunities for Changemakers based upon investment dollars.

“Sports Illustrated Swimsuit has been leading the charge in creating change in women’s lives for years, despite what some critics and naysayers would like you to believe,” says MJ Day, editor-in-chief of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. “However, in a world where women’s bodies are under attack and their value continuously underestimated, we knew we needed to act in a bold, more responsible way. Pay with Change is not just a platform to us; it is our commitment to creating greater progress for women.”

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“Pay With Change will be our new standard of business moving forward,” said Hillary Drezner, general manager of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. “It’s our proof of progress, proof of passion, and proof of our belief that we must be the change we want to see. Starting now, we’ll turn our advertising and activation space into a place to create change for women. We are committing to this initiative throughout all aspects of our business and are inviting all brands who are demonstrating progress to join us.”

Investing in the Sports Illustrated Gender Equity Fund

SI Swimsuit will also invest a percentage of every ad dollar generated by the annual issue to create the Sports Illustrated Gender Equity Fund. The fund will support a nonprofit organization that is on the front lines of helping create an equitable future for all women.

As part of the brand’s new publishing approach, SI Swimsuit is launching The Swimfluence Network, an inclusive digital community for individuals looking to connect, learn, grow and champion change for the next generation. The Swimfluence Network app features content across all categories including health, wellness, lifestyle, fashion, travel and food and provides opportunities for individuals to create a profile, learn about live events and castings, join a group and engage with the community, SI Swimsuit models and staff.

The app also features the brand’s coveted Swim Search platform, enabling potential SI Swimsuit hopefuls from around the world to apply to be in the 2022 issue.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue is one of the most recognizable and influential symbols of pop culture. Featuring talent from around the world, the issue has become a revered launching pad for successful careers in media, fashion, business, TV, and film. The iconic and innovative institution continues to set the cultural tone and evoke discussion about what defines beauty on a global scale.