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Meet Instagram's Richest Dogs (and Cats)

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Social media influencers are everywhere these days. Big companies are partnering with Instagram ( (FB) - Get Free Report), TikTok, Twitter ( (TWTR) - Get Free Report), and YouTube ( (GOOGL) - Get Free Report) celebrities as a powerful marketing tool to amplify company messages. But, not all influencers are human!  Some influencers are of the animal-kind.

List of Instagram's Richest Pets:

List of Companies Partnering with Pet Influencers:

  • Target Corporation (TGT)
  • Nature’s Recipe
  • Halo Pets
  • CbdMD (YCBD)
  • Wayfair, Inc. (W)
  • Etsy, Inc. (ETSY)
  • Alphabet, Inc. (GOOGL)
  • Squawk Box
  • Fiat
  •, Inc. (AMZN)

Important to remember: "If your furbaby is making money as an influencer, it could be viewed by the IRS as your own self-employed business if your pet is generating income for you in the dog modeling/acting category on a regular basis. In some cases, pet-related expenses could be considered business expenses and offset against your pet’s earnings", according to TurboTax (TheStreet's exclusive tax partner).  

So, does that mean you can claim Fido on your taxes? Dependents must be human, according to Turbotax's Pet Deductions 1010 Guide

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