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Emanuel "Manny" Pacquiao has made a name for himself as a boxer, but he also plays basketball, sings, is a Philippine Army officer and is a senator in the Philippines government. As noted by sports announcers during his fight against Keith Thurman, who he defeated in July 2019 in a split decision to win the World Boxing Association's Welterweight title, he's got to worry about the Philippines' budget after the fight.

Manny Pacquiao's Net Worth

At last word, Manny Pacuqiao's net worth was between $190 millon and $220 million.

Manny Pacquiao's Salary

"Pac Man," as the 5-foot-5 ½ inch, southpaw, 8-title-holding boxer has been dubbed, had earned about $26 million by June of 2019, according to That was before his Thurman fight, and not including his Philippine government salary.

Forbes estimated his average annual salary since he began professional boxing at the age of 16, about 24 years ago, at $24 million.

In 2012, he was considered by Forbes as the second-highest-paid athlete in the world, earning a salary of $56 million, with $6 million in endorsements. He was behind only rival boxing champion Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr., who earned $85 million.

In 2016, "Pac Man" declared plans to retire, with his $500 million in lifetime earnings after defeating rival World Boxing Organization Welterweight title-holder Timothy Bradley, who had defeated Pacquiao for the title in 2012.

Of course, he didn't retire. And still hasn't.

Manny Pacquiao's Career

Speaking of money and boxing, the latest talk has been that his out-earning and triple-title-holding rival, Mayweather, might be willing to come out of retirement to fight Pacquiao one more time, for the pay-per-view fees and big purse.

But it won't be until after August 2019.

Pacquiao fought Mayweather in what was billed "The Fight of the Century" at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nev., in 2015. Mayweather handed Pacquiao a defeat in a unanimous decision, taking Pacquiao's WBO Welterweight title to add to his WBA Super World Welterweight and WBC World Welterweight titles. Mayweather hasn't fought since defeating the Ultimate Fighting Championship star-turned-boxer Conor McGregor in August 2017. Mayweather was declared boxing's first $1 billion athlete when he cashed in on the McGregor fight.

With his win against Thurman, Pacquiao became the oldest World Welterweight champion in the history of boxing. To date, his professional record is 62 wins, with 39 knockouts; 7 losses, being knocked out 3 times, and 2 draws.

Manny "Pac Man" Pacquiao has been boxing since he was 14 years old before turning pro. And as noted, he's given no indication of stopping now that he's 40.

Emanuel Dapidran Pacquiao was born Dec. 17, 1978, in General Santos City in the Philippines. At 14, he left his family on a ship to Manila, where he says he survived on the streets for a short time before turning to boxing.

He made it onto the Philippine national amateur boxing team, where he amassed a record of 60 wins to 4 losses.

Two years later, at 16, in January 1995, he made his professional boxing debut, winning a unanimous decision as a "Light Fly Weight" over Edmund Enting Ignacio at 106 pounds in four rounds.

He had 10 fights that year. He lost none, notably knocking out Arman Rocil in the third round of an 8-round fight in September of that year.

The next year, 1996, he had 7 fights, but was knocked out by Rustico Torrecampo, in the third round of his second fight that year. He was undefeated except by Torrecampo that year.

He came back in 1997, defeating Mike Luna in his first fight of that year in a first-round knockout. In June of the same year, he knocked out Chockchai Chokvivat in the fifth round, to claim his first Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation title as a "Fly Weight." In December, he defended his OPBF title with a first-round knockout of Narong Datchthuyawat.

In 1998, he fought only two fights. The first one, in May, against Shin Terao, he won with a knockout in the first round. The second, in December of that year, he added some weight and fought Chatchai Sasakul, to win the WBC World Fly Weight title with a fifth-round knockout.

He fought four fights in 1999, defending his WBC title against Gabriel Mira in a fourth-round technical knockout. The WBC World Fly Weight title became vacant when Pacquiao lost his third fight of that year, against Boonsai Sangsurat, in a technical knockout decision in the third round.

But by December of that same year, Pacquiao won the WBC International Super Bantam Weight title, defeating Raynante Jamili with a second-round technical knockout.

By the start of the next decade, he was named "Fighter of the Decade" for the 2000s by the Boxing Writers Association of America, even though he had only three fights that year, all of which he won in technical knockouts.

But in 2001, "Pac Man" started having some difficulties, challenging himself to collect more titles. Pacquiao won the International Boxing Federation's World Super Bantam title from Lehlo Ledwaba at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in a technical knockout in the sixth round, in his third fight that year. In his last fight of that year, defending both his WBC International Super Bantam Weight title and his IBF World Super Bantam Weight title against Agapito Sanchez, he was handed his first "draw," a technical decision by the judges after 12 rounds.

He came back, again, and reclaimed his IBF World Super Bantam title in a technical knockout in the second round against Jorge Eliecer Julio, in his first fight of 2002. "Pac Man" fought only once more that year, in October, defending his IBF World Super Bantam title against Paryat Sawaigam with a first-round technical knockout.

In 2003, Pacquiao fought three fights, winning them all.

But, in 2004, again aiming for new titles, the WBA Super World Featherweight and the IBF World Featherweight, the first of two fights was decided a draw between him and Juan Manuel Marquez after 12 rounds, in a split decision. He won his second fight handily, defeating Narongrit Pirang in a technical knockout in the fourth round.

And, in 2005, in a fight for the vacant WBC International Super Featherweight title, and the International Boxing Association World Super Featherweight title, he lost to Eric Morales, again at the MGM Grand, in a unanimous decision after 12 rounds. He had one other fight that year, against Hector Velazquez, which he won in a technical knockout in the sixth round, defending the WBC International Super Featherweight title.

His first fight of the next year was against old rival Eric Morales, again defending the WBC International Super Featherweight title, which he won in a technical knockout in the 10th round. In three fights of 2006, he fought and successfully defended his WBC International Super Featherweight title, twice against Morales, the second one being won by a technical knockout in the 10th round, and the third being against Oscar Larios, which he won by unanimous decision in the 12th round.

He fought just two fights in 2007, defending his WBC International Super Featherweight title, and won both, winning the first, against Jorge Solis, with a knockout in the eighth round.

In 2008, he defeated WBC World Super Featherweight title holder Juan Manuel Marquez, in a split decision in the 12th round. He also defeated WBC World Lightweight title holder David Diaz with a technical knockout in the ninth round. But that year's prime card was the match-up between "Pac-Man" and Oscar "The Golden Boy" de la Hoya, also called "The Dream Match" for the Welterweight class. Pacquiao, at the MGM Grand, beat him with an eighth-round "RTD," or corner retirement, in which de la Hoya refused to continue the fight when the bell rang in the ninth round. Pacquiao had put on weight for the fight, and weighed in at 142 pounds, while De La Hoya weighed 145.

The next year, Pacquiao continued his winning streak with just two fights, first for the IBO World Super Lightweight title, defeating Ricky Hatton with a second-round knockout. Next, he defeated Miguel Cotto for the WBO World Welterweight title, and WBC Diamond Welterweight title, in a 12th-round technical knockout.

In 2010, he defended his WBO World Welterweight title, and claimed the vacant WBC World Super Welterweight title.

The following year, he defended his WBO World Welterweight title, against Shane Mosely and former opponent Juan Manuel Marquez. He won against Mosley by unanimous decision, while he defeated Marquez in a majority decision after 12 rounds.

But in 2012, he lost the WBO World Welter title to Timothy Bradley Jr. in a split decision after 12 rounds, and lost his only other fight that year, against old rival Marquez, in a sixth-round knock out.

Once again, "Pac Man" came out swinging in 2013, and took the WBO International Welterweight title, defeating Brandon Rios in a unanimous 12th-round decision in his only fight that year.

In 2014, he reclaimed his WBO World Welter title from Timothy Bradley, Jr., in another unanimous 12th-round decision, at the MGM Grand. He defended the title in only one other fight that year, against Chris Algieri, also by a unanimous 12th-round decision.

Then came 2015, and Pacquiao's first fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr., who put up his WBA Super World Welterweight and WBC World Welterweight title against Pacquiao's WBO World Welter title, at the MGM Grand. Pacquiao lost his title, and Mayweather retained his, in a 12th-round unanimous decision. It was his only fight of the year.

In 2016, Pacquiao returned, and in two fights claimed two titles: The first against Timothy Bradley, Jr. again, for the vacant WBO International Welterweight title, and the second, against Jesse Vargas, for the WBO World Welterweight title. He won both fights by unanimous decision.

He was defending his WBO World Welterweight title in 2017 when he suffered another loss, against Jeff Horn, in a unanimous decision. It was his only fight that year.

In 2018, he fought only once as well, against Lucas Martin Matthysse, for the WBA World Welterweight title. He defeated Matthysse in a seventh-round technical knockout.

And so far in 2019, he has fought twice, defending his WBA World Welter title against Adrien Broner, at the MGM Grand, by unanimous decision in the 12th round, and against Keith Thurman, winning in a split decision in the 12th round.

Manny Pacquiao's Endorsements

Back in 2010, a marketing executive, Lucia McKelvey, declared she thought Manny Pacquiao had earning potential of more than $50 million, just from commercial endorsements.

He had endorsed McDonald's back in the Philippines, and also San Miguel beer, Nike (NKE) - Get Free Report and Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) - Get Free Report .

In 2015, Forbes still considered him the second-highest-paid celebrity, with earnings of $160 million, including $12 million in endorsements.

But he ran into difficulties when he expressed his personal beliefs, speaking out against same-sex couples.

Nike terminated its endorsement contract with him in February 2016, after he'd been endorsing its products for eight years.

Manny Pacquiao's House

Manny Pacquiao spends his money largely on housing. The poor boy who used to live on the streets as a teenager has at least nine houses. And he paid for 1,000 homes to be built for underprivileged families in his home town of General Santos.

Pacquiao has a home in Beverley Hills, a 7-bedroom, 8-bath mansion in an exclusive gated community called Summit Circle, overlooking the Hollywood Hills. He paid $12.5 million for it, according to, a Philippines entertainment site.

He also has a 5-bedroom, 5.5-bath two-story home in Los Angeles, Calif.

But that's not all. He has a house in a compound in General Santos, and bought his first house in Lagao Village, in General Santos.

Pacquiao also owns a 14-bedroom beach house in a protected marine sanctuary, on Tuka Beach in Sarangani Province; a mansion in a private subdivision called Forbes Park in Makati City; and another one near it located in Dasmarinas Village, also in Makati City; a house and lot at Laguna; and in 2016, Manny and his wife, Jinkee, shared photos of a house under construction, without revealing its location.

How Does Pacquiao Spend His Money and Time?

According to the Philippine site, Pacquiao said his family of seven lived in a cardboard box when he was growing up, so he is known for his philanthropy and generousness toward those in need.

According to The Asia Society, Pacquiao has directed "a large chunk of his boxing fortune toward hundreds of student scholarships, farming equipment in poor areas, churches, hospitals, disaster relief, environmental causes, and numerous international charities."

A portion of his time is spent on his political ambitions. In 2010, Pacquiao was elected to the Philippines House of Representatives, representing the province of Sarangani. He was elected again in 2013, and in June 2016, he was elected senator, serving until 2022.