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How Supply Chain Delays Could Impact Christmas

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Christmas trees are another consumer product that is impacted by supply chain bottlenecks that are slowing the availability of goods across the spectrum.  Retailers are expecting strong demand for many products including holiday decorations and are urging consumers to shop early.

"The demand this year is going to be extremely strong and so I think from a consumer perspective people definitely shouldn't wait," Chris Butler, CEO of National Tree Company explained to CNBC.

Thanksgiving week is usually the peak week for purchases of Christmas trees and other holiday decorations and retailers are already seeing substantial growth from last year.

Commodity Supercycle, The Debate Continues

The effects of climate change are another aspect of the supply crunch that is often overlooked. Recent floods, drought, heatwaves and wildfire smoke have all impacted the growth of real Christmas trees in addition to a fungal infestation that has emerged from changing climate conditions.

Growers are also having difficulty finding trucks and drivers to transport trees to markets so price increases are being passed on to consumers.

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