MLB All-Star Adrian Gonzalez Discusses Business During Coronavirus Pandemic

Five-time Major League Baseball All-Star Adrian Gonzalez discusses conducting business as franchisee of Jersey Mikes during the coronavirus pandemic.
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One of the hardest hit businesses and jobs during the coronavirus pandemic is the food service industry and restaurants. Nearly every Governor has mandated restaurants close their dining rooms in order to follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC which advises the limitation of people gathering in social settings. This is all in an attempt to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and help flatten the curve.

With patrons unable to eat inside restaurants, many establishments are offering “delivery only.” Local mom and pop restaurants with delivery drivers on staff are already in position to offer drop-off orders. But chain restaurants like McDonalds  (MCD) - Get Report, which was forced to close stores and reduce hours, must rely on delivery partners like Uber Eats  (UBER) - Get Report, GrubHub  (GRUB) - Get Report and DoorDash to deliver their food to self-isolating patrons. The Chicago based fast-food giant has already warned “that the financial blow from the coronavirus pandemic to its earnings cannot be reasonably estimated because it doesn’t know the duration and scope of disruptions to its business.”

The coronavirus pandemic is putting restaurant franchise owners in a tough predicament. Less patrons equals less revenue. Reduced operating hours means reduced staff. Yet the rent check and utility bills will still come each month. Adrian Gonzalez is one of those franchise owners faced with a shrinking revenue problem that is affecting his employees and his business.

Gonzalez is a five-time Major League Baseball All-Star who has played in the MLB since 2004.

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In addition to his baseball career, Gonzalez also is a franchisee of Jersey Mikes and is a partner for Los Angeles based brewery Calidad. When asked about the issues facing his business Gonzalez admitted “sales are down, quite a pretty big amount and these are the times we are all going to take a hit, bottom all the way to the top. Everyone’s going to take a hit on finance.”

As for Gonzalez’s advice for dealing with monthly expenses, the former Dodger said “the best thing is to have conversations with the landlords. Everyone understands the situation. Everybody is willing to adjust a little bit.” Gonzalez also pointed out the Government will hopefully step in to offer some type of relief for small businesses and employees.

While conducting business is anything but “business as usual” Gonzalez is staying positive, saying “it’s really tough times for the whole world…but we’re all going to rise together at the same time.” 

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