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New York Gov. Cuomo Orders 75% of State's Non-Essential Workers to Stay Home

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces that 75% of the state’s non-essential employees must work from home to limit the spread of the coronavirus.
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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced on Twitter Thursday that 75% of the state’s non-essential employees must work from home, as the state government tries to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

“Today we are mandating that 75% of the non-essential workforce MUST work from home,” the Democratic governor wrote in his tweet. “We are taking this action to further reduce density across the state to slow the spread of #Coronavirus.”

Essential workers include those dealing with food, pharmacies, healthcare, shipping and supplies. On Wednesday, Cuomo set a requirement for 50% of non-essential employees to work from home.

The number of people in New York state infected with the virus soared 1,769 Wednesday to total 4,152, CNBC reported.

“These are major shifts in life, in the most emotional, stressful conditions that you can imagine,” the New York governor said during a press conference in Albany, New York on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the governor continues to squabble with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio over the mayor’s wish to implement a “shelter-in-place” order for the city. 

“I spent half my day knocking down rumors that we’re going to imprison people in their homes,” the New York governor told CNN on Thursday. “I’m as afraid of the fear and the panic as I am of the virus. And I think that the fear is more contagious than the virus right now.”

Counties in the San Francisco Bay area adopted a “shelter-in-place” order Monday, which allows residents to leave their homes only for essential activities.