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5 Cannabis Products You Never Knew You Needed

From dog treats to face wash, these are the next big thing in cannabis.

Bet you didn't know these cannabis-derived products existed. Take a look at five of the coolest cannabis products on the market today, from pet treats to face wash to honey.

Cannabis for your pet

BioKinetic Labs created a line of treats for Fido, from peanut butter sticks to dog bones. CBD is said to be able to reduce inflammation in pets, just as it can in humans. BioKinetic says cannabis can also be used to treat dogs' and cats' anxiety, joint problems, arthritis and seizures. Because all mammals have the same endocannabinoid systems, the uses for CBD in humans are also largely applicable for dogs and cats.

Hemp-derived CBD gel capsules

Lenitiv, the company backed by celebrity Montel Williams, created a line of natural supplements. The "Alert" capsules are marketed as a means of helping to treat symptoms of anxiety and depression, to manage pain, to work as an anti-inflammatory and stress reducer and to promote alertness and memory retention. Relax capsules can enhance mood; promote relaxation and restful sleep; limit anxiety, depression and insomnia and act as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, the company claims. 

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Honey Honey, a natural honey with CBD

National Hemp Exchange created Honey Honey, a natural honey that tastes and looks just like the regular stuff. But this honey has about 10mg of CBD per serving, National Hemp Exchange says. the company currently sources its honey from Pennsylvania, but the it is considering a move to source locally in the coming years in an effort to support more small businesses.

Pot-O-Coffee CBD-infused coffees and teas

Isodiol International makes Pot-O-Coffee, CBD-infused coffee available by the bag in ground form or in single-serve coffee pods. There's also a cold brew that tastes just like regular coffee but offers a serving of CBD. The company owns and operates its own coffee roasting plant and infuses its coffee in-house, Isodiol says.

CBD-infused soaps and skincare

The CBD Skincare Co., started by a nutritionist and wellness coach, created this is a line of CBD-infused body and face lotions, shampoos and conditioners and bar soap. It smells like regular soap, but offers the healing qualities CBD is purported to deliver. The creators say it can treat symptoms of psoriasis, heal acne scars and serve as an anti-wrinkle solution, among other uses.