What Is Ed Sheeran's Net Worth in 2019?

After his latest tour, musician Ed Sheeran's net worth reportedly stands at $160 million, thereby doubling his total net worth since 2018.

Sheeran's last tour was a standout success, financially, earning a whopping $340 million - and it's not even done yet (Sheeran finishes the tour in August, 2019.) That's a figure which has jet-fueled Sheeran's net worth, as he has earned more cash in the past year than any musical artist in history in a single-year period.

Given that Sheeran is only 28 years old, that's a remarkable sum of money for someone who graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music, in Guildford, England just 10 years ago.

How did Ed Sheeran skyrocket to the top of the charts - and the top of the entertainment industry earnings list - in such a short period of time?

Here's his story, and how he has become one of the top-earning musical artists in the world.

Ed Sheeran's Background

Ed Sheeran hails from Halifax, a town in West Yorkshire, England, where he was born in 1991. He has one sibling, his brother Matthew, along with his parents, John and Imogen.

At age four, Sheeran started out on his musical path as a singer in his church's choir, and really has never looked back.

He started playing the guitar and writing songs while in high school in Framlingham, just outside of Suffolk, England. Sheeran was accepted into the prestigious National Youth Theater in London and began recording his own sings by 2004.

In the ensuing years, Sheeran kept writing songs and performing live, with artists like Nizlopi, Passenger (who he met at age 15) and Leddra Chapman. His big break came in 2010, when Sheeran was asked to open for the rapper Example.

Shortly after, Sheeran released his first EP, "Loose Change," which featured his first hit song, "A-Team."

He rolled out the EP while still enrolled at the ACM, but soon turned his full focus to singing and songwriting, releasing his second EP, "No. 5 Collaborations Project," in early 2011. The release was a hit, selling 7,000 copies in its first week on the street. Soon after, Ed Sheeran signed a record deal with Asylum Records.

By 2012, Sheeran was well on his way to commercial success, appearing on television, touring, and seeing songs he wrote appear on soundtracks for shows like "The Vampire Diaries," while winning Best British Solo Act and British Breakthrough Act of the Year in the same year.

By 2013, Sheeran had aligned with powerhouse entertainers like Taylor Swift (he opened for her 2013 U.S. tour and he appeared at The Grammys, performing with Elton John, an early and strong supporter of Sheeran.)

After releasing new albums and writing 120 songs over a 2-year period, Sheeran stepped back from the public spotlight in 2016 to take a break.

By the end of the year Sheeran released a comeback album called "divide" (the actual symbol on the album was the mathematical ÷ sign) and by the end of 2017, Spotify (SPOT) - Get Report has tapped Sheeran as the "most streamed artist" of the year, tallying 6.3 billion streams on the digital music platform.

By 2018 and 2019, Sheeran had the best-selling album around the world, and a blockbuster duet with Justin Bieber, called "I Don't Care" which debuted with a record 10.97 million downloads on Spotify.

The song will appear on Sheeran's next album, "No. 6 Collaborations Project," which will be released on July 12, 2019.

Sheeran continues to record and is a frequent award winner on various entertainment industry galas, and could be on his way to being the biggest-earning musical artist in the world in the coming years.

In fact, financial analysts expect Sheeran to be a billionaire by age 30.

Ed Sheeran's Endorsements

Sheeran isn't big on product endorsements - he doesn't need the money given his musical contracts, appearance and royalties - but has been recently tied to Heinz  (KHC) - Get Report ketchup.

The artist admits he was and is a huge ketchup fan, and has parlayed that passion for the tomato-based condiment with a promotional deal with Heinz.

The ad campaign, launched in the spring of 2019, came from Sheeran's own fertile mind. He crafted a commercial idea, asked Heinz to pair up (which it did immediately after a series of tweets from Sheeran) and the ad debuted in June.

In it, Heinz (who does his own voice-over) imagines rolling into a fine-dining establishment and adds his own bottle of Heinz, much to the dismay of the stuffed shirt clientele and staff, to his dish of vegetables.

Now, Sheeran and Heinz are preparing to release Sheeran's own ketchup brand, called "Edchup" in the coming months.

Ed Sheeran's Brush With Controversy

Sheeran's rapid rise to the top of the music and entertainments is not without controversy.

Specifically, Sheeran faced plagiarism charges on multiple fronts.

In 2017, his song "Shape of You" was found, mostly by online fans and followers, to have remarkable similarities to TLC's song "No Scrubs." In the same year, Sheeran's song "Photograph" was alleged to have copied "note for note" from Matt Cardle's "Amazing." An out-of-court agreement was reached on the "Photograph" charges, while TLC's writing team was given songwriting credit on "Shape of You."

In 2018, Sheeran ran into more plagiarism charges, with an Australian musician claiming that "The Rest of Your Life", a tune Sheeran co-wrote for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, was copied from his own music. A U.S. District Court judge supported the charge that the song was similar to Sean Carey's song "When I Found You."

As of mid-2019, that lawsuit is still unresolved.

Sheeran has also been accused of plagiarizing Marvin Gaye's classic "Let's Get It On," for his hit song, "Thinking Out Loud."

Ed Sheeran's Passion for Real Estate and How It Steers His Cash Spending

Ed Sheeran is a big fan of beautiful homes and real estate, and he's managed to blend his personal passion for property with his business interests.

A savvy investor, Sheeran has invested millions on high-end real estate, with an estimated 15 properties in London, and 18 properties owned in the U.K., alone. While estimates vary, Sheeran has, to date, poured $42 million into his real estate investments, while also investing in a restaurant located in the plush Notting Hill section of London.

Sheeran's own home in his hometown of Suffolk, known as Sheeran-ville to nearby residents, cost an estimated $2.8 million. The home comes complete with a pub, home theater, recording studio, and a greenhouse that is reported to have cost Sheeran over $20,000 to build.

Sheeran likes to indulge his hobby of toy collections, as well.

He famously noted a trip to a local Toys R Us where he spent $2,000 in a single shopping spree, and is a huge fan of stuffed teddy bears, as well as dolls and action figures.

Sheeran is also a watch aficionado and owns several timepieces, including a Patek Philippe Nautilus watch valued at $47,000.

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