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Dutch Bros Coffee Goes Public: How This Dairy Farmer Became a Billionaire

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Started in 1992 by Travis and Dane Boersma as a side business to their family dairy farm, Dutch Bros has gone public on the NYSE.

The brothers started with 100 lbs of beans, a double-head espresso machine, and a pushcart in Grants Pass Oregon. By 1996, Dutch Bros had six locations.

By 2009 they expanded into a full-fledged chain with 150 locations but unfortunately, Travis lost his older brother Dane to Lou Gerig's Disease.

Dutch Bros, run by Travis Boersma now has over 470 locations in 11 states and offers their special brand or "Dutch Luv" which goes into all their specialty coffee drinks, smoothies, and other frozen drinks.

The Dutch Bros IPO raised nearly $500 million on its first day and turned Boesma into a billionaire.

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