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What Is Donald Trump's Net Worth?

Much of his wealth is in real estate, and he's not a big fan of the stock market
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From real estate tycoon to president of the U.S., Donald J. Trump has had a fascinating life. The mix between real estate businesses, reality shows, and an eventual surprising career in politics has given President Trump a fascinating, if not eclectic life.

Trump's Net Worth

Answering this question gets a bit complicated. For one, Trump holds a great deal of his wealth in real estate, rather than securities and capital. The Trump Organization is a private company, making it harder to quantify the assets. To create a valuation of his actual net worth, it becomes a question of how much money could actually be derived from those assets which are largely owned by his company. Or, one could simply view his net worth as the sum of those assets.

Forbes estimates his net worth at $3.1 billion. This estimate stems from $310 million in personal cash/assets, $80 million in business brands, $590 million from golf courses, $1.5 billion in New York City real estate, and $660 million from real estate held outside of NYC.

Trump's Career

Trump was largely influenced by his father, who was a real estate developer in New York City. From his involvement working for his father, Trump advanced further. The Grand Hyatt in New York put him on the map as a real estate man, and that has progressed through the years into a substantially large real estate business and portfolio through the Trump Organization.

He also starred in the successful reality show “The Apprentice.”

Ever outspoken, Trump has never held back on his views of the political and economic activities of the U.S. He took it to the next level in 2015 when he announced his candidacy for the presidency of the U.S. In a stunning move to many, Trump went through the Republican primaries and won the election. Defeating Hillary Clinton, he became the 45th U.S. president.


The term controversial almost goes hand in hand with President Trump. Those that are against his policies rail to a degree we’ve almost never seen in American politics. The same can be said for the heavy nature of his supporters. Regardless of one’s view, it’s tough to argue that there hasn’t been a ton of back and forth fighting over his presidency.

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There was both praise and criticism over the way he ran his campaign. Bombastic, improvisational, and altogether unique, you either loved it or you hated it. More controversial has been the seemingly unending investigations of occurrences during his campaign and presidency.

The two large areas of drama have revolved around allegations and investigations of involvement with Russian interference during the election itself.

After a long, drawn out investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the final report on whether or not the Trump campaign colluded with Russia concluded that there was no sufficient evidence.

The second major moment of drama within his presidency has been the questionable “quid pro quo” scandal controversy with Ukraine. It’s been well covered in the news, but the investigation and eventual impeachment of President Trump revolved around whether or not he attempted to motivate the president of Ukraine to “look into” ties of Joe Biden and Biden's son Hunter, in regards to Hunter’s place on the board of a Ukrainian gas company. The catalyst prompting attention was the fact that military aid approved for Ukraine was stopped prior to the phone conversation in which this occurred.

In the end, Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives, and then acquitted by a Republican-controlled Senate.


Interestingly enough, Trump is not the biggest fan of the stock market. He has been quoted in the past stating he’s “never been a big investor in the stock market.” Of course, some of his comments stemmed from 2016 when a market fallout could have aided his campaign. Then again, the distribution of his assets do imply that he heavily favors real estate, which is a business he knows.

Again, most of his assets reside within the Trump Organization. It’s primarily real estate, which is spread around the world. The company holds office buildings and hotels in various places such as Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, Chicago, and of course, New York.

His golf courses and clubs include Mar-a-Lago in Florida, Doral in Miami, which he brought back from disarray, golf clubs in the U.K., and many others.