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Decimal Mistake Costs Bored Ape NFT Owner $297,000

An online trader named Max accidentally typed in 0.75 ethereum instead of 75 ether for a prestigious NFT and saw it snapped up in seconds.

A prestigious Bored Ape NFT that was meant to sell for $300,000 instead went for $3,000 after the owner made a mistake with a decimal point.

Launched last spring on the ethereum blockchain, the Bored Ape Yacht Club is a collection of over 10,000 NFTs that became extremely popular among both art collectors and investors. 

Celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, DJ Khaled and Post Malone have all secured some pieces of the collection. Standing for non-fungible tokens, NFTs are a way to become the sole owner of a particular piece of art or other online content.

Two images of the monkeys striking fun poses on bright backgrounds recently sold for over $1 million while. 

This weekend a user named maxnaut wanted to list a different ape with a stud earring and exes in its eyes for 75 ethereum, or approximately $300,000.

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But instead, CNET first reported that the user accidentally typed in 0.75 ether into the listing on the NFT marketplace OpenSea. The price amounting to roughly $3,000 was far below market value and snapped up by a buyer before Max had time to correct the mistake.

By Monday, the NFT had already been relisted for 59.99 ethereum, or roughly $228,000. Bored Ape NFTs, in particular, are extremely popular for trading purposes and some speculated that it was purchased by a bot  programmed to instantly catch NFTs listed for far below market.

Max, however, was not too upset by the mistake, and told CNET that it was came from a "lapse of concentration" that can occur when you "list a lot of items every day."

"It's going to happen but letting it occupy your mind for even one second after you can no longer affect the outcome is purely hurting yourself twice," Max wrote on his Twitter page.