Hybrids aren’t just for yuppies anymore.

Recently, Tata Motors, the company behind the Nano, the world’s cheapest car, announced that it will start producing hybrids.

Tata’s chairman first mentioned that his company would produce a hybrid version of the Nano in an interview with a South Korean newspaper at the end of November. Reuters reports that he went so far as to say this could spark a “low-price revolution” that could “continue across the world.”

The Nano currently lists for about $2,500 and is only sold in India. (Read MainStreet’s previous coverage of the Nano and other cars under $5000.)

Some, however, have cautioned that the hybrid Nano will have a higher price tag than its predecessor. Yet, given that even the cheapest American hybrid on the market costs nearly 10 times the price of the Nano, this hybrid will likely be the cheapest thing around. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely to make its way to the U.S. anytime soon.

Nevertheless, as Wired noted, this car could be an important step forward for the world, and particularly the far east. “It will be better to have a gajillion hybrid Nanos running all over the streets of Udhagamandalam and Visakhapatnam than a bunch of gas burners.”

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