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Toyota has issued yet another recall, this time of its Lexus GX 460 on rollover concerns.

The recall of 34,000 of the Lexus vehicles worldwide, according to The New York Times, follows safety tests conducted by Consumer Reports that found a problem with the vehicle’s electronic stability control, prompting the magazine to issue a “Don’t Buy” warning.

After a high-speed turn and a sudden release of the accelerator pedal, the car’s stability control took too long to engage, according to Consumer Reports. In response to the warning, the company suspended sales of the new 2010 model but didn’t immediately issue a recall.

Following the Consumer Reports warning about the Lexus SUV, Toyota conducted its own tests and found the same problems that are expected to be remedied by software updates, according to The New York Times.

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This isn’t the first we’ve heard of Toyota SUV stability problems, however. Last summer, a former attorney for Toyota accused the company of hiding information on hundreds of rollover deaths caused by “instability and weak roofs,” according to a CBS Newsreport.

In one case, a driver’s Toyota 4Runner rolled over and left him quadriplegic, CBS News says.

Separately, Toyota said it would pay a $16.4 million fine from the government for not fessing up to its pedal problems sooner.

About 9 million Toyota vehicles have been recalled since November for various faults, according to the Times, and the automaker still faces numerous lawsuits filed by crash victims and their families.