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Recalled Toyota owners continue to report accelerator pedal problems even after their cars were supposedly fixed.

At least 131 owners said they still experienced unexpected acceleration even after repairs were made at Toyota (Stock Quote: TM) dealerships, according to a recent report in USA Today.

Reported Problems

In one case reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a Needham, Mass. owner of a Toyota Tundra that received the supposed accelerator pedal repair in February reported that the car unexpectedly “took off while in reverse,” and generally tends to accelerate on its own about five to nine times a week, USA Today reported.

A Garden City, N.Y. driver of a Toyota Avalon reported to the government agency that the cars brakes “began to fade” in traffic, and it one case, the engine unexpectedly but briefly roared to more than 4,000 rpm while in neutral, the paper said.

Another driver voiced concerns about an accelerator pedal that appeared to hesitate, according to

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“When I press the accelerator it feels like the engine is not getting [a] sufficient amount of gas and it will stall,’’ the driver told the NHTSA.

What Now?

Toyota previously said that the fix was “rigorously tested” by its engineers.

Both the company and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are reportedly looking into whether the pedal repairs are being made correctly, and the NHTSA says it’s investigating complaints about the repairs.

Toyota’s luxury brand Lexus had until recently been relatively unscathed by recent recalls, but yesterday, Consumer Reports issued a “Don’t Buy” rating on  the Lexus GX 460, saying that the groups own tests of the SUV showed that the vehicle could roll over during sharp turns, making matters worse for the Japanese automaker.

In January, one U.S. Toyota executive warned a Japanese executive in an email that the automaker needed to “come clean” about its cars’ accelerator pedal defects, reports the Detroit News.

Toyota is currently facing a possible $16.4 million due to its delay in notifying the government about its accelerator pedal problems.