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More than three million cars are sold annually in the U.S. on eBay motors, presenting a great opportunity to sell a used car on the Web. Here’s how to best price, list and market your used car.

1. Locate the Title & Registration
Whether you’re selling online or offline, you need to find the title of your car - the main document indicating that you are the rightful owner. It’s also referred to as the “pink slip.” The registration also proves that the car is registered by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

2. ebay or Craigslist?
If you have a standard family sedan or low-end compact car, targeting your local community via or any other local online bulletin is a far more efficient way to go, says Phil Reed of the car buying guide Unless you’re prepared to ship your car to another state or country, stick with localized online sites. If you’re trying to unload an unusual or rare car, like an antique Ferrari, listing on eBay (EBAY) is a great strategy to reach car buyers all over the world. Just be ready to field questions, like will you ship the car and will you hire someone locally for inspections. eBay also charges more for listings, something to take into consideration as well.

3. Land on a Realistic Sale Price
If you want the car to sell, you have to be reasonable about the price. “You have to price pretty close to where people want to pay,” says Reed. “People in the market have done their homework and they won’t be easily tricked or scammed.” There are several free tools to help you determine the best price, including the car appraiser application at, the Kelley Blue Book and the NADA Guide. Also examine current list prices of similar cars on the market for comparison.

4. Craft a Great Description
When posting online advertisements, one advantage over placing an ad in a newspaper is that space is usually endless. Make sure to always include the year, make, color, model, and the number of miles on the car. Also, note whether the car has a manual or automatic transmission. When stating the price, mention whether it’s negotiable. There are various ways to indicate you’re flexible on payment. OBO means “or best offer.” Or saying you “must sell in a hurry,” suggests it’s not a firm price. Otherwise, state the price is final. Finally, have as many flattering pictures as possible of both the interior and exterior.

5. Be Honest Enough
When describing the condition of your car, don’t lie, but also don’t disclose so much that it will prohibit prospective buyers from picking up the phone. If your car’s air conditioner makes a loud noise, but still works, you don’t have to explain it in the advertisement. Once the customer inquires more about the car or comes to take a test drive is when you delve into the details. They may care significantly less once they experience the car in person.