Scam Busters: Midas Sued for Bait-and-Switch - TheStreet

If you’re gearing up for a road trip this summer, steer clear of certain Midas repair shops or you could be charged hundreds, maybe even thousands more than you really should pay.

Midas car repair (Stock Quote: MDS) shops are being slammed with a $222 million lawsuit by the state of California for luring consumers in with cheap deals and charging them for unnecessary “repairs ).”

More than two dozen undercover sting operations found that 22 Midas auto shops were involved in the "massive” bait- and-switch scams, according to California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr., who said that
over four years certain Midas shops regularly advertised $79 to $99 brake specials, then charged an additional $110 to $130 for unnecessary brake rotor resurfacing services and hundreds of dollars more for repairs that were not needed or never performed. In one case, and undercover agent was charged $1,700 for unnecessary repairs.

"This investigation revealed a shady and deceptive operation that violated the trust of its customers," said Brown.

Maurice Irving Glad, the owner of the shops has been a franchisee for 32 years, according to WalletPop.

The lawsuit, filed in filed in Alameda County Superior Court seeks to prohibit the shops from coercing customers into buying unnecessary motor vehicle repairs or services, making false and misleading statements and taking payment for repairs that were not provided.

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