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The cost of new tires can add up quickly when you buy from a brick and mortar store, but some savings can be had when you buy online. These days, you can find practically any type or brand of tires you want online and have them shipped to you.

Although you can save some money buying tires online, it does take a bit more work for consumers. You can enjoy the convenience of shopping a home, but you’ll need to take your vehicle to a service station to have the tires installed. (That is, unless you have the tools and expertise to do it yourself.) So, some of the money you save shopping online is offset by additional shipping and installation costs.

To decide if you should buy tires online, do a cost comparison. Call a local tire store to get a quote on the tires you need. Then, search for those same tires online. Go through the checkout process to see how much shipping will cost and contact a local service station to get a quote for the tire installation. If the online store offers enough savings and you don’t mind waiting to have the tires shipped, go for it. Otherwise, you may be better off sticking to a brick and mortar store that can have the job done in a matter of hours.

Here are three of the top online tire stores:
This site offers thousands of tires and has a very easy to use search interface that allows users to find tires by vehicle, size or brand. Additionally, it offers tire reviews, performs its own tire testing and maintains independent consumer surveys on tire experiences to help customers research tires before they buy. also has a “Recommended Installer Program” to help you find a services station to receive shipment of your tires and install them.
This online store stocks quality tires from all of the top tire manufacturers. Customers can search by brand, size or vehicle and they also provide a list of recommended installers. also offers an optional “Road Hazard Program” to expand the coverage a typical manufacturer’s warranty to damage caused by road hazards like metal, glass and nails in the street.
This store features a simple, easy to navigate site that’s all about tires and wheels. In addition to searching by size, brand and vehicle, also allow customers to search by target price. ships exclusively with FedEx and accepts payments by credit card, Western Payment Quick Collect, wire transfer, bank cashiers check and PayPal.

Tip: When comparing prices for different online tire stores be sure to include shipping costs. Tires may be cheaper from one store but cost more in shipping. For example, when comparing costs for four Goodyear Assurance TripleTred 205/60R16 tires, had the lowest per tire cost ($109) but the highest shipping costs ($75). had a slightly higher per tire cost ($113) but the lowest shipping costs ($39). Overall, was the cheaper option in this scenario.

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