12 Cars Built for Your New Year's Resolutions

A vehicle can help with New Year's resolutions to travel more and spend more time with family, but they can also get you a new job and even help you be a better person.

Your New Year's resolution is in its first stages, but there are cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs that can get you to its conclusion.

Marist Poll discovered last year that 44% of Americans planned to make a New Year's resolution. That jumps to 54% for Americans younger than 45 years old and 63% of those under 30. However, of those who vowed to make changes in the new year, 68% stuck to their word.

Automakers like Honda (HMC) - Get Report , Toyota (TM) - Get Report , Ford (F) - Get Report and General Motors (GM) - Get Report can help more resolutions become reality.

Just about all of the new year's resolutions are going to sound familiar to anyone who's ever bought a gym membership or met with their financial advisor around this time of year. Nearly 28% of those resolutions involved losing weight, exercising more or getting healthier in general. Another 6% want to spend less money and save more. The same percentage wants to stop smoking, while 5% just want to be kinder to others or "enjoy life."

Automakers may want to resolve themselves to be more active in the new year after watching vehicle sales in the United States fell 1.8%. While the more than 17.2 million vehicles sold is still historically impressive, it's a distinct slowdown from 2016's record pace and includes a nearly 11% drop in car sales. The rapid pace of the industry's recovery from both automaker bailouts and the economic collapse has been slowed a bit by consumer preference. With the average gas price making still below $2.50 nationally, automakers are trying to draw more connections between cars and people's lives than just their daily commute and the distance between Point A and Point B.

That means getting into car buyers' heads and figuring out what they want. When those buyers make New Year's Resolutions, for example, it helps to emphasize how a car can get them there. With a little help from experts at car-pricing sites Autotrader Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book, we've found a dozen vehicles ready to get your resolutions rolling:

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