How would you like to drive all the way around the world without having to refill your gas tank? Well that car exists, but it’s not for sale.

Fox News reports that a team of French college students managed to construct a car that can get more than 11,000 miles to the gallon. They did so as part of the Shell’s Eco Marathon, an annual contest held around the world, where the goal is to make a car that “goes the furthest distance using the least amount of energy.” The winning entry was essentially an ugly-looking electric model that looked more like a small space shuttle than a car.

More details from Fox News: “The team set a new record of 11, 516 mpg, although the car technically didn't use any gasoline at all. Instead, it is an electric car powered by a hydrogen fuel cell which provides energy in place of a battery. The amount of hydrogen used was then converted into its gasoline equivalent using the energy density of the two fuels to make the comparison.”

By comparison, the runner up in that contest (also from France) engineered a car that got 6,973 mpg. Of course, both of those cars are miles ahead of any other competition.

The most fuel efficient car currently on the market is the Toyota Prius, which gets 55 mpg on a highway. However, given the rising price of gas and the recent crisis in the Gulf Coast, the competition really has no excuse but to catch up fast.

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