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The NFL is one of the rare professions where you can associate a gross old hoodie with greatness. Gross old hoodie wearers can thank Bill Belichick for that.

Belichick may have developed a reputation as a grump, but in that time he also established himself as one of - if not the most - successful head coaches in professional football. He, with the help of his quarterback Tom Brady, turned the New England Patriots into a dynasty, winning all of the team's 6 Super Bowl championships and making 9 Super Bowls in total. Now, though, he'll have to start a new chapter of his NFL career without Brady, who departed in free agency.

When Belichick retires, he'll likely be seen as the greatest coach in NFL history. How much, after everything he's done, is the Patriots head coach worth?

Bill Belichick Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that being an all-time great has paid off nicely for Bill Belichick. His net worth is measured at approximately $35 million.

Currently in his 19th season coaching the Patriots and well into his 5th decade working in the NFL, Belichick spent years working his way to the top of the NFL world and amassing his fortune.

Bill Belichick Salary & Contract

What is Belichick's current salary? That's a great question. The Patriots coach, notorious for giving short, barely informative answers to questions asked by the media, has unsurprisingly kept tight-lipped about his salary and contract info.

What has been said on the matter is that he is one of, if not the highest paid coach in the league. When current Raiders coach Jon Gruden signed a 10-year, $100 million deal earlier in the year, many wondered if Belichick's mysterious salary was more than Gruden's new $10 million yearly. Sources said that Belichick does in fact make more than that, with ProFootballTalk going so far as to put his yearly salary at $12.5 million.

Belichick has likely signed multiple contract extensions since last there was news of his contract that was public. Prior to the 2007 season he signed an extension that was to, per ESPN, keep Belichick around through 2013. Even then, though, the financial details of the contract were not divulged. In 2013, he was still coaching the Patriots, with the only contract news being... he had a contract. Typical Belichick.

Bill Belichick Career

Belichick's long career coaching in the NFL started basically as soon as he graduated from Wesleyan. In 1975, the same year he graduated, he was hired by the then-Baltimore Colts as assistant to the head coach.

For the next decade, he would make his way up the ranks with several different NFL teams, getting a crash course in several different facets of the game. With the Detroit Lions, he was the assistant special teams coach AND the wide receivers coach. He then moved to the Denver Broncos for a season, working as their assistant special teams coach and defensive assistant.

From here, he started a long career in the New York Giants organization. In 1979, he was again a special teams coach and defensive assistant. After one year, he was promoted from defensive assistant to linebackers coach. He held this position until 1985, when new Giants head coach Bill Parcells promoted him to defensive coordinator. Belichick thrived, and his legendary defenses led those Giants teams to 2 Super Bowl championships, establishing him as a hot head coach candidate for other teams.

Bill Belichick's Browns

After the Giants' victory in Super Bowl XXV, Bill Parcells retired, and Belichick's next step was to become the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns. He held this position from 1991 to 1995.

Belichick was given a tough task, rebuilding a Browns team that bottomed out after a lot of good seasons in the 80s. However, he proved up to it. After a few years of rebuilding, Belichick's 4th season with Cleveland was a rousing success, taking them to the playoffs with an 11-5 record.

Those Browns lost to the Steelers in the playoffs and regressed the next year, as Browns owner Art Modell announced suddenly that he would be relocating the team to Baltimore. After the 1995 season concluded and the team was set to move, Modell announced that Belichick would not be moving with them.

Bill Belichick & the Jets

Belichick followed up his Browns stint as an assistant head coach for the Patriots, again working under the no longer retired Bill Parcells.

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After the 1996 season, Belichick was set to become the new head coach of the New York Jets, but nearly a week later a deal was announced between the Patriots and Jets that would let Parcells become head coach of the Jets. Once again, Belichick worked under him, this time as defensive coordinator and assistant head coach. This lasted for 3 years, from 1997 to 1999.

Bill Belichick's Patriots

Parcells left the Jets after the 1999 season, and Belichick was once again in line to become their head coach. This time, however, it was Belichick who pulled the rug out from under the Jets, resigning as head coach just one day after it was announced. Not long after, news broke that Belichick would coach the New England Patriots.

In addition to coaching, Belichick was given significant control over football operations for the Patriots, and it paid off; in his first draft for the team in 2000, he took Tom Brady in the 6th round.

2000 was a lost season for the Patriots; 2001, though initially seeming like a lost season, turned around astonishingly. Starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe got hurt, and Brady, in taking over as quarterback, effectively stole the job from Bledsoe. The team surprised everyone to win the AFC East division with Brady, and made the Super Bowl. Their opponents, the St. Louis Rams, were the favorites. A strong defense from the Patriots shut them down, though, and a game-winning field goal from Adam Vinatieri led the Patriots to their first ever championship. Brady was named Super Bowl MVP, and Belichick was football royalty.

That Patriots team quickly became a dynasty, winning three Super Bowls in four seasons. Super Bowl XXXVII after the 2003 season required another game-winning Vinatieri kick, but 2004 proved a much easier Super Bowl. In just 5 seasons, Belichick won the team 3 Super Bowls.

With such a successful dynasty, going 9 straight seasons without a Super Bowl championship could almost seem disappointing. But they made the playoffs in 8 of those 9 years, and turned into the AFC's greatest powerhouse. The height of this run came in 2007, when a record-breaking season from Brady and star wide receiver Randy Moss lead them to becoming the second NFL team to ever have an undefeated regular season, and the first to go 16-0. They made it to Super Bowl XLII, but a historic upset by his old New York Giants, led by a young Eli Manning, ruined their undefeated season.

Belichick's Patriots machine kept chugging along, though, and after the 2011 season, they made the Super Bowl again for a Patriots-Giants rematch in Super Bowl XLVI. However, the Giants defeated them, and despite such incredible sustained success, some started to wonder if the dynasty was over.

It, of course, was not. Three years later, they returned to the Super Bowl, this time to face Russell Wilson and the defending champion Seattle Seahawks. A close-fought game with a dramatic game-winning interception by Malcolm Butler gave New England their first Super Bowl since the 2004 season, and Belichick's 4th as a head coach.

Somehow, none of this was enough. Perhaps their most impressive feat was two years later, facing the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. At their worst, the team was down 28-3 against the Atlanta Falcons and Matt Ryan's high-powered offense. Some great play from the Patriots (and admittedly terrible play from the Falcons) led to an incredible comeback, and the first ever Super Bowl to require overtime, where the Patriots completed their comeback and won Belichick's 5th ring.

The next year the Pats made it to their second consecutive Super Bowl, where they lost to Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles. Though a surprising upset and disappointing loss, it was still Belichick's 8th Super Bowl appearance as a head coach, a record.

Belichick managed to extend that record in the 2018 season. After an easy victory against the Chargers in the Divisional Round and an intense back-and-forth overtime win against the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game, Belichick made his 9th Super Bowl as head coach of the Patriots. Facing the upstart Los Angeles Rams, the game played out far differently than other recent Super Bowl appearances. Rather than a shootout between high-powered offenses, the Patriots' defense smothered the Rams. Rams quarterback Jared Goff and running back Todd Gurley struggled, and the New England offense needed just one touchdown in a 13-3 win, Belichick's 6th as head coach. Belichick received an extensive amount of praise for the way his defense game planned against the Rams offense and their upstart young coach Sean McVay, a cherry on the top of one of the finest resumes in NFL history.

2019 started off almost impossibly strong for Belichick's Patriots. Thanks to a historical performance from the defense, the 2019 Pats started 8-0 and routinely blew out their competition. But they became mortal after a week 9 loss to Lamar Jackson and the Ravens, and after being upset in the final game of the regular season by the Dolphins, they finished 12-4 and had to play in the playoffs without a bye week for the first time in a decade. Facing the upstart Tennessee Titans in the playoffs, Derrick Henry ran through their once vaunted defense like it was nothing, and New England was upset 20-13.

If that disappointing finish to the season wasn't bad enough for Patriots fans, it got worse as free agency began in the offseason in 2020. Tom Brady announced that he would depart for free agency after 20 years with the organization, leaving Belichick and the Patriots without their Hall of Fame quarterback.

Bill Belichick's House

Bill Belichick is, as previously mentioned, tight-lipped. If he doesn't want us knowing how much money he makes, it only makes sense that he doesn't want us to know exactly where he lives.

What he will admit is that he summers in Nantucket, and has for quite some time. He began buying real estate in the area as early as 1977, according to the Boston Globe. He has continued to buy houses in the area ever since, creating something of a compound where his friends and family can live.