Antonio Brown is arguably one of the best wide receivers of all time. He's also been one of the most controversial. With team disputes, exorbitant salary negotiations, and now assault allegations, Brown has been a polarizing figure that has made a great deal of money and success in the process.

Antonio Brown's Net Worth

Understanding Antonio Brown's net worth is largely dependent on your source. The apparent consensus, and net worth listed on Celebrity Net Worth, is $30 million. Of course, this figure could be askew, and is subject to changes within his new contract, and also where he has put his money.

Antonio Brown's Career

Brown's career is one of brilliance, marred with recent controversy. Arguably one of the best, if not the best wide receiver of all time, Brown was born in Florida, and was unsurprisingly an impressive athlete in high school. He is actually the son of a successful player from the Arena Football League, Eddie Brown.

After high school, Antonio Brown first attended North Carolina Tech, before eventually ending up at Central Michigan. After experiencing great success as a receiver, Brown was eventually drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the sixth round of the 2010 NFL draft, as the 22nd overall wide receiver picked.

There are likely quite a few general managers who wish they had picked up Brown a little sooner than that, as the receiver quickly established himself as one of the best in the business. Brown's first season with the Steelers was a slow one. He had a mere 167 yards, with 16 receptions and no touchdowns. Things changed quickly in 2011, when Brown put up stats of 1,108 receiving yards, two touchdowns, and 41 receiving yards. That season, Antonio averaged 16.1 yards per attempt.

While annual yards varied from year to year, Brown's utility to the Steelers speaks for itself. In 2015 he had over 1,800 receiving yards, and 10 touchdowns. At 136 receptions, it was arguably his best season in terms of moving the ball down the field. 2018, a season that was by no means short of drama for the Steelers, was a year of impressive scoring for Antonio Brown. Despite experiencing some declining yardage, thanks in large part to the counter lever created by Juju Smith-Schuster, Brown had 15 touchdowns that season.

Then, the controversy began. While most of the 2018 season was focused on the chaos created by Le'veon Bell, it would appear that tensions between Brown and many key members of the organization were brewing. In particular, there has been significant chatter that Brown's relationship with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger soured drastically. Of course the true details of what happened will likely always be overshadowed by rumors and tales.

Regardless of what occurred, Brown began to show erratic behavior in terms of showing up to practice, being on time, and was even benched for one of the last games of the season. Tweets about trades, and meetings with the Rooney family ensued, and Brown was eventually traded to the Oakland Raiders for the 2019 season. For avid Steelers fans, 2018 was a tough season. It was even tougher for Oakland fans, as Brown never played a single game for them before moving on.

The situation is fascinating, as Pittsburgh had just signed a new 5-year contract in 2017 that was worth around $73 million. The deal created a 4-year extension over his existing deal that was going to expire at the end of 2017. In case you don't know, that's $17 million per season; making him the highest-paid receiver in the entire league. How did events transpire that caused him to want to leave a team after garnering that kind of deal? Perhaps it was ego. Perhaps something occurred that we are unaware of.

The terms of the deal actually favored the Steelers in the end. They acquired a third and fifth-round draft pick from Oakland, while Oakland got an erratic player that never played a single game. Brown was acquired by the New England Patriots, after a final dispute with Oakland's management led to his suspension, and eventual release. It seemed like New England had gotten a great deal. The one year deal was for $15 million, with a $9 million signing bonus. It also included an option for $20 million for 2020. Brown's time with New England has been very short lived. News quickly broke that the wide receiver had been accused of sexual assault of a former trainer. These accusations include allegations of rape.

New England did not hesitate for long. The team released Brown, and he has since stated he was done with the NFL. The drama has seemingly escalated week by week, as Brown is now seeking to recoup money from the New England deal. Reportedly he is seeking to file 9 grievances in an attempt to collect $61 million in lost salary. This includes money from both his contracts with the Oakland Raiders, as well as the New England Patriots. What will come of this is hard to say. I'm sure the legal moves by both the teams, Brown's lawyers, and the NFL, will ensue for time to come.

Brown's Past Endorsements and Future Endeavors

Brown has enjoyed endorsements from names like AT&T (T - Get Report) , Campbells Soup (CPB - Get Report) , Nike (NKE - Get Report) , Pepsi (PEP - Get Report) , Proctor & Gamble (PG - Get Report) , among many others. Brown actually has a reputation for seeking out business opportunities any chance he can. These endorsements have definitely been a contributing factor in his net worth.

With the behavior that's been displayed, one wonders who will seek out endorsements with Brown, and who will stray away. One thing is for sure, he will need to have a good season if he wants to remain popular. He had found a way to turn his helmet debacle with Oakland into an enterprise, with reports that his new custom helmet will include an endorsement deal. This deal disappeared however, after the allegations of rape came out.

Brown's Real Estate Investments

Like many of his financial situation, Brown owns some fairly nice real estate. He purchased an absolutely massive mansion in Florida for $6.6 million in 2016. The place has 12 bedrooms and a synagogue. You read that right. He bought a home outside Pittsburgh for $1.91 million back in 2014, but the property is now stirring up trouble, as the grass was not mowed; prompting complaints from neighbors. In a more interesting turn of events, and perhaps much cheaper, Brown had a craftsman tree house built at his Gibsonia property in 2018.