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Five ETFs to Watch This Week

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ETF investors should keep a close tab on the euro ETF as well as key earnings of companies in the steel, energy and health care sectors.

02/22/10 - 08:31 AM EST

Student Loan Rates Rising Amid Joblessness

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Defaults on student loans are rising as new graduates grapple with a bleak job market. And the situation could get worse.

11/13/09 - 08:27 AM EST

Negotiate Tuition Before You Pick a College

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The founder of says it's easier than ever to haggle with colleges.

10/22/09 - 04:59 AM EDT

What's the Hottest Stock for Back to School?

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What's the hottest stock for the back-to-school season? See what the TheStreet's users think.

09/04/09 - 10:57 AM EDT

Graduates Face Tough Job Market

Graduates Face Tough Job Market

Many new graduates are facing uphill battles when it comes to landing a job amid the US recession.

05/27/09 - 12:52 PM EDT

Today's Outrage: GM Bondholders Make Bad Bet on Bankruptcy

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Don't GM bondholders realize that the Obama administration is calling the shots inside or outside the courts?

05/27/09 - 09:24 AM EDT

How to Bail Out a Sinking 529 College Plan

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First, don't panic. There are options, from switching to more conservative investments to changing beneficiaries.

02/12/09 - 12:56 PM EST

How to Get a College Degree Debt-Free

A less traditional path means you'll have to consider new options, but in the end, a diploma is a diploma.

01/09/09 - 11:42 AM EST

Making the Most of an Unexpected Windfall

Whether it's $10,000 or $1 million, if you've come into money, treat the windfall the same way.

11/19/08 - 01:13 PM EST

How to Ignore Your College Loans

How to Ignore Your College Loans

Farnoosh Torabi says forbearance can be a saving grace for many struggling student loan borrowers.

11/13/08 - 04:38 PM EST

Today's Outrage: Where's MY Bailout?

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Extending the bailout to consumers is a fine idea -- but how about helping my 401(k) instead?

11/13/08 - 11:02 AM EST

Kass: Welcome to Dystopia

Our economic and investment futures have been seriously rocked.

11/03/08 - 12:00 PM EST

Fed Rate Cut Not Helping Consumers

Mortgage rates are rising and savings rates are falling.

10/31/08 - 10:12 AM EDT

How to Find a Green College

Princeton Review and Sustainable Endowments Institute crunch most of the data for you, but here are some other tips on finding an eco-friendly school.

10/23/08 - 12:43 PM EDT